The Therapy Lens app uses the latest augmented reality technology to provide virtual support for patients with neurological diseases living at home

Using a standard Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality device, patients can see holograms that allow the app to:

  • act as a “virtual carer”
  • provide virtual support in complex tasks
  • offer rehabilitation games
  • act as an artificial intelligence companion
    EIT Therapy Lens

The project had already begun developing the foundation software architecture and content for the Therapy Lens app and a prototype version of the app was to be developed at the end of December 2016.

For 2017, work was set to begin on technical validation of the HoloLens, and the project was also planning several usability studies with the target market, and further development of the software and app content. A beta version of the app is planned for late in 2017.

Dr. Alan Armstrong
| Research Associate | Technical University of Munich (TUM)