AIProHealth: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support healthcare

The use of AI to improve efficiency is prevalent across almost every industry, and it is already showing great potential in the world of healthcare. In this course, you’ll learn about the impact of AI and join the discussion on how this can become a valuable and realistic part of the future of healthcare.

With the help of teachings from leaders in AI healthcare thinking, you’ll build your knowledge in key areas of AI and explore how it can be used to improve patient care. With this new confidence, you’ll be supported in implementing AI into your own healthcare workflow, taking your learnings into real-world solutions through the AIProHealth Serious Game.

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What you get

Curriculum details

The four-week programme covers theoretical and practical information on AI including:

  • Potential of AI in healthcare
  • Limitations of AI in healthcare
  • Technological challenges for implementing AI in healthcare
  • Regulatory challenges for Implementing AI in healthcare
  • Ethical and social challenges for implementing AI in healthcare
  • Application of AI in a healthcare setting

At the end of the programme, participants take part in the AIProHealth Serious Game. The goal of the game is to take the theoretical knowledge that is obtained during the MOOC, and learn how to apply that information in real day-to-day situations. The game is structured around the patients journey and players will have to make tough decisions about the application of AI at every stage. By encouraging dialogue between players and making group decisions, the players will learn to approach problems from different perspectives and the considerations that come with applying AI in a real situation.

Key details


  • Blended


  • MOOC: Free
  • Certification Fee: €75-€150

Key dates:

  • MOOC: 29 November 2021
  • Serious Game: December 2021

Who should register

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to better understand AI for healthcare. This includes doctors, nurses, and Biomedical researchers. It will also be of interest to medical students, PhD students, and general AI enthusiasts.

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