Creating ValEU

Innovation Training Course

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Creating ValEU

Innovation Training Course

Blended online learning with onsite training at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, this programme has been designed by top-tier universities to create the next generation of pioneers in healthcare innovation.

Learn from industry leaders, participate in skills and training workshops, and work with experienced mentors to pitch your ideas to a panel of experts and investors. Receive an EIT Health certificate and the chance to earn ECTS. Winning participants could have the opportunity to win seed capital to turn those ideas into reality.

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What you get

How it works


Online e-learning phase includes live sessions:
Onsite phase at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom:

Eligibility Requirements

No prior knowledge or skills in value-based healthcare or entrepreneurship are required to attend the programme.

We welcome applicants:

  • Who have a keen interest in learning about innovation and value-based healthcare, along with a strong commitment to completing the programme
  • Who have pursued or are currently pursuing university or equivalent studies, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, or early-career postdoctoral/professionals
  • With diverse educational backgrounds in fields such as healthcare, entrepreneurship, business, engineering, economics, technology, etc.

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