Data Entrepreneurs

A Course for Professionals 

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Data Entrepreneurs

A Course for Professionals 

Are you a healthcare professional looking to harness the power of medical data for better decision-making? Then discover the world of machine learning, and how to apply it to medical data analysis.

Crafted by esteemed institutions including the Medical University of Lodz, FAU Erlangen, and leading hospitals in Barcelona and Erlangen, our 10-module course offers a unique educational journey for medical professionals. Seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, participants embark on their first steps into the world of data analysis through R programming. By the course’s end, attendees will possess a robust understanding of data analytics, equipping them to excel in their respective fields.

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What you get

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Each module is designed to equip participants with specific knowledge and skills relevant to data entrepreneurship in healthcare, health data management, intellectual property rights, programming in R, statistical analysis, deep learning, machine learning, and data integration in healthcare settings.

  • Module 1: Data-Driven Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
  • Module 2: Health Data Management
  • Module 3: Ownership of IP Rights in Medical Data
  • Module 4: Introduction to R and R Studio
  • Module 5: Statistics in R and RStudio in Medical Science
  • Module 6: Deep Learning in R and RStudio
  • Module 7: Machine Learning in R and RStudio
  • Module 8: Data Integration
  • Module 9: Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Module 10: Ethics of collecting and using healthcare data responsible

What you'll learn

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Eligibility Requirements

This programme is open to active members of medical staff.

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