Healthcare Entrepreneurship 101


Healthcare Entrepreneurship 101

Dive into Healthcare Entrepreneurship 101 and unleash your potential as a healthcare pioneer. Tailored for young innovators and aspiring leaders, this programme empowers you to spot and nurture innovative commercial opportunities, drive product innovation or launch new business ventures.

Gain essential tools for start-up success and business development. Learn to validate ideas, create compelling value propositions and build robust business models. Access our vast EIT Health network of experts, mentors, start-ups and institutions to give you an industry advantage.

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How to set up a start-up
Product-market fit
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Eligibility Requirements

This programme welcomes a diverse range of individuals passionate about healthcare entrepreneurship, who harbour an idea for a product or service and are dedicated to its growth, including:

  • Bachelor’s students
  • Master’s students
  • Master’s graduates
  • PhD students
  • Patients and citizens
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Start-ups and SMEs

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