Healthcare Transformation Academy: Catalysing continued healthcare education

The ongoing transformation in healthcare demands organisations to be equipped with professionals mastering new competencies and skills. The Healthcare Transformation Academy (HTA) is an initiative driven by hospitals of the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) to meet this challenge.

HTA provides a high quality, affordable and relevant on-demand education to healthcare professionals. The courses are developed by and offered to healthcare professionals from healthcare organisations across Europe and beyond. Each course within each theme is developed by the hospital that has the highest level of relevant and specialised expertise in the field.

Take a look to our courses below to see which one is the best fit for you.

What you get

HTA Themes 2022

Which courses are right for you? Take a look at our 2022 themes to find out:

Innovation Management


How can your healthcare organisation benefit from Innovation Management?

Deepen your knowledge and skills on innovation management at a strategic and operational level to transform healthcare from within.

You can enroll to the introductory e-course from June onwards.

High Value Care


How can High Value Care create value for patients?

Get equipped with the skills to create meaningful changes for patients. Learn value-driven care, patient involvement in improving quality of care & more.

You can enroll to the introductory e-course from June onwards.



How can the healthcare context benefit from a strong leadership?

Gain knowledge & experience on personal and team leadership, managerial coaching and political leadership within healthcare organizations.

You can enroll to the introductory e-course from June onwards.

Digital Health Transformation


How is digital transformation bringing value to the healthcare context?

Immerse into the pillars of digital transformation; current awareness, challenges & opportunities to boost its implementation in healthcare.

You can enroll to the introductory e-course from June onwards.

Personalised Medicine


Why do Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) can become a great breakthrough for the treatment of seriously ill patients?

Become part of the new generation of key opinion leaders with knowledge and skills in cell and gene therapies.

You can enroll to the introductory e-course from June onwards.

Key details


  • Introductory e-courses – Online
  • Advanced courses – Blended


  • Introductory courses: At your own pace
  • Advanced short courses: 20 hours
  • Advaced extended courses: 30-40 hours
  • Advanced academic-year courses: Year-long master’s level courses

Key Dates:

  • Introductory e-courses
    • Enrollment period: From May onwards
    • Opening date: From June onwards – exact date TBC
  • Advanced courses – Please visit the theme-specific webpages for detailed dates


In order to guarantee equal training opportunities around European countries, different prices have been established according to the median equivalized disposable income (Eurostat, 2019):

  • Introductory e-courses: Free for all learners
  • Advanced courses:
    • Short courses: RIS countries 200€; Medium income countries 300€; High income countries 400€
    • Extended courses: RIS countries 300€; Medium income countries 450€; High income countries 600€
    • Academic courses: RIS countries 666€; Medium income countries 1000€; High income countries 1330€

Who should apply

The programme is open for healthcare workers at all levels with all different backgrounds. However, some of the courses are targeting specific key groups:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Engineers
  • Management
  • Administration

More details on who and how to enroll can be found within each theme webpage.

Attending and completing the introductory course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the two tracks.

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