Digital Health Transformation

How is digital transformation bringing value to the healthcare industry?

Over the last decades, technology has created a significant impact on healthcare. Digital transformation in healthcare is a building block of a patient-focused approach to healthcare and is helping healthcare providers streamline operations, understand what the patient requires, build loyalty, and trust and offer a better user experience.

Within the Digital Health Transformation courses, offered within the Healthcare Transformation Academy, you will be able to deepen your knowledge of key aspects and apply them in real case examples. The courses have been developed with the extensive expertise of Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol, Karolinska Institutet, TU Delft, and TicBiomed.

Enrolment for the advanced courses will be opening soon, in the meantime you can already access its introductory e-course here.

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Introductory e-course

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Online - 3 hours
Get introduced to the challenges, opportunities, awareness, and implementation aspects of Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Free and mandatory to access the other courses.

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Around 20 - 30 hours
Get enroled in one of our four courses focusing in your area of expertise and deepen your knowledge in Digital Health Transformation

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Introductory e-course

Learn about the different alternatives and aspects influencing in the implementation of digital transformation and its relationship with innovation and digitalisation.


  • Pre-recorded videos and/or content-based to follow at your own pace


  • Free for all learners

Attending and completing the introductory course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the track.

Access the e-course here 

Digital Health Transformation in Health Institutions

By using a structured path, learn how to integrate digital transformation in healthcare and understand the arising different roles of this century’s population.



  • Introduction to eHealth and Digital Transformation
  • Empowerment and new professional roles
  • How to develop a digital health transformation project, an overview
  • Definition and execution phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Evaluation phase
  • How can I explain my project? Tools and tips


  • Online live lectures – 5 hours
  • Online live workshops – 12 hours
  • Self-study and assignments – 3 hours

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Last year students from healthcare-related degrees
  • Attended and completed the introductory e-course


Technologies for Digital Healthcare Transformation

Get equipped with knowledge and competencies for engaging in DHT activities within the clinical workplace; identify catalysing factors, barriers challenges and opportunities related to medical technologies.



  • Introduction to healthcare transformation
  • Digitalisation of healthcare
  • Tools and methods
  • Medical technologies


  • Online live lectures – 10 hours
  • Online live workshops – 5 hours
  • Self-study and assignments – 8 hours

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All Healthcare workers
  • Attended and completed the introductory e-course


Service Design for Digital Healthcare Transformation

This course by TUDelft will introduce you to design thinking and its application to digital health innovation.


  • Basics of design thinking and process
  • Four types of health design innovation
  • Future of health design context
  • Implementing design thinking using design tools
  • Convergence between various stakeholders
  • Patient journey mapping using various data and technologies


  • Online live lectures: 3 hours
  • Online live workshops: 12 hours
  • Self-study and assignments: 6 hours

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Healthcare workers familiar with digital health innovation and with interest in service design
  • Attended and completed the introductory e-course


Implementing Digital Healthcare Transformation

Acquire practical knowledge on how to deploy digital transformation. This course led by Ticbiomed provides guidance, resources and use cases to successfully transform the organization’s mindset with the support of digital.



  • What is (not) Digital Transformation
  • The importance of leadership and commitment
  • Best practices when defining a strategy
  • Governance: who drives the process
  • People are what matter, not technology
  • Use cases and success stories


  • Self-study and assignments – 16 hours
  • Q&A, debate and networking – 4 hours

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Healthcare professionals, ideally in management positions
  • Attended and completed the introductory e-course


Who should enrol?

The programme is open for healthcare workers at all levels with all different backgrounds.  However, some of the courses are targeting specific audiences, you can find this requirements on each the courses descriptions.

Ready to enrol?

Our 2023 Digital Health Transformation courses will be oppening soon. Get in touch with our team for more information if you’re interested in enrolling.

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