Open Innovation: Controlling the spread of sexually transmitted infections

Ready to tackle Europe’s pressing healthcare challenges? This is your chance to improve the spread control of Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in partnership with healthcare provider Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nantes and Industry leader Tronico.  

This acceleration programme is geared towards ground-breaking technologies, spin-offs, start-ups, SME’s and consortia operating in the biotech, medtech or digital health sectors to empower them to present compelling solutions to tackle the challenges co-defined by EIT Health’s industry and hospital partners.

We supercharge start-ups by refining their value propositions and business models, offering hands-on mentoring. Together, we elevate patient outcomes and work towards new models to deliver healthcare based on value.

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The Challenge

Spread control of sexually transmitted infections

EIT Health, in partnership with Tronico and the University Hospital of Nantes (CHU Nantes), has initiated its second challenge and is actively seeking a groundbreaking solution to enhance the detection and management of sexually transmitted infections. The objective is to decrease the incidence of infections and improve the delivery of appropriate treatment for all populations.

We are looking for solutions that solve the following challenges:

a) Sample collection and detection of STI pathogens – We need a new medical device, either standalone or integrated (class I or II), to detect infections such as Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It should meet or exceed sensitivity and specificity levels advised by HAS using nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs), including the Ct/NG duplex for co-infection screening. The device should be user-friendly for easy access and quick results, possibly with auto-sampling. Additionally, a control test for each sample would be appreciated, particularly to confirm the presence of human material.

b) Results informing patient and healthcare professional decisions – We’re looking for an innovative tool that helps patients make decisions about their healthcare, focusing on diagnostics and treatment. The tool should seamlessly integrate into existing processes for easy access to treatment. It should also allow sharing of data with healthcare professionals to guide treatment strategies, such as choosing antibiotics considering the challenge of antibiotic resistance.

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Impact areas

Who should apply

Any solution start-up, SME or consortia that can meet the challenge can apply to the Open Innovation programme.

  • 1

    To apply as a start-up or SME, it must:

    • Be a for-profit SME in line with the EU definition
    • Be legally incorporated in the EU or Horizon Europe-associated countries
    • Have been incorporated after 1 January 2018 and before the application deadline
    • Have at least two paid FTEs and a CEO working full-time at the time of applying, covering technical and business backgrounds
    • Have solutions with an innovation maturity level of at least IML4


  • 2

    To apply as a consortia, it must:

    • Be a combination of various start-ups meeting the listed requirements



    Upon acceptance of the programme, EIT Health and participating companies must sign a participation agreement.

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Applications for the STI challenge are now closed; exciting new opportunities will be available soon. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when a new challenge is available.

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