OSH training: Psychosocial Health Prevention and work standards

Many European firms don’t comply with the legal requirement to implement psychosocial risk assessments. PsyHealth worXs! shows occupational safety and health managers how to provide this vital support.


PsyHealth worXs!, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), gives practitioners step-by-step instruction in how to conduct a psychosocial risk assessment at their workplace.

Registration is open until 23 November 2020 for the course, which begins 2 November 2020.

About the course

Although European companies are legally required to implement a psychosocial risk assessment as part of their occupational safety management, a study found that fewer than 30% of European companies comply. The apparent cause for the policy practitioner gap is lack of knowledge. PsyHealth worXs! was established to correct this problem.

This online training gives occupational safety and health professionals and managers information on how to set up a psychosocial risk assessment as well as guidance and practical strategies for implementing the entire process.

The course will cover topics like:

  • What is work-related stress?
  • Why should you conduct a psychosocial risk assessment?
  • Scientific foundations and legal obligations in psychosocial risk assessment.
  • Obstacles to psychosocial risk assessment.
  • Assessment of work characteristics and evaluation as risks.
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of interventions.
  • Documenting and continuing the process.
  • Insights from practitioners

Three universities have been involved in the development of the online material: Maastricht University, RWTH Aachen University and University of Lisbon. The course is grounded in science and guided by a needs assessment involving co-creation activities with the target audience.

Information and registration

Find out more and register by 23 November 2020.

Jessica Lang
| Activity Lead | RWTH Aachen