EIT Health RIS Academy

RIS Academy aims to give entrepreneurs and innovators essential skills to bring healthcare ideas to the market. RIS Academy, available for free for candidates coming from more progressing EU regions, is a training series that builds on developing competencies in the areas identified by investors and healthcare experts as crucial for launching innovations on the market faster and more efficiently.

RIS Academy offers four different courses you can chose from. Find your right fit and register below.

What you get

Curriculum details

The RIS Academy provides different courses:

  • eHTA Level A+B: Aids current and prospect technology developers, owners and investors in making evidence-informed decisions about further investment in the development of medical devices and digital health technologies, especially with expected public reimbursement or procurement
  • WE Health RIS: Enhances the participation of women in health innovation and entrepreneurship activities by empowering them through capacity-building tailored to their needs and by inspiring and supporting them to advance in their professional careers
  • CybeRIS: Training opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to enable the implementation of innovative healthcare solutions in a hospital environment without impeding critical infrastructure or exposing vulnerabilities
  • Basics of Digital Health:Empowers healthcare professionals to develop digital transformation in their institutions by gaining basic skills in innovation development and discovering new digital health opportunities for new ways of working

Key details


  • Online

Key dates:

  • eHTA Level A+B – October
  • We Health RIS – September
  • CybeRIS – September – October
  • Basics of Digital Health – November


  • Free of cost

Who should apply

EIT Health RIS Academy is open for candidates from EIT Health RIS eligible countries within any of the next profiles:

  • Technology developers
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Market access specialists
  • Consultants of medical technologies and digital health solutions
  • Academic researchers
  • Students, PhD and post-graduate students

Ready to register?

Registering for our courses is simple. Start by clicking below on the course that interests you the most. Then, click on the “register” button on the eventscase platform. Don’t forget to submit the registration form prior to the beginning of each course.

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