From Scientists to Innovators for Industry

If you are a young life scientist, SCI FI can give you the skills you need to thrive as an innovator in the healthcare industry.

Transitioning from academic research to working in the pharma and medtech industries can be challenging. This course helps you overcome that challenge with the guidance of academic and industry partners, so that you can learn from real-life cases and have the opportunity to work with experienced mentors.

What you get

This three-month blended-learning programme equips you with the crucial skills needed for the transition to an industry setting, including:

  • Soft skills, such as communication and collaboration.
  • Creative skills, including problem solving, critical thinking, understanding your customer and patient needs, design thinking and prototyping.
  • Business skills, such as finance, market access, pricing, strategic management, operational management and project management.
  • Industry-specific skills like pre-clinical development, intellectual property, medical device regulation, big data and artificial intelligence, chemistry manufacturing control and digital transformation.
  • Hands-on knowledge gained by applying skills from the modules in a real case study provided by our industry partners.

The programme offers two tracks of learning: the Full Programme and the Light Programme. Both tracks involve an eight-week online learning programme.

The Full Programme

Take part in the online learning modules – including seven core modules and three industry-specific modules – participate in all the events and webinars, and receive mentoring from the best industry experts. In this programme you will:

  • Complete all seven core modules and at least one bonus module.
  • Participate in all events and webinars.
  • Complete assignments after each module.
  • Receive at least two hours of mentoring.
  • Solve a real industry case study: Participants will be divided into interdisciplinary teams of five and will work jointly to develop a solution to a real-life industry case. The solution will be presented to a jury and industry partners at the final event.
  • Pitch with your team during the final event of the programme.
  • Commit approximately 4-5 hours per week from September to December 2022.

The Light Programme

Take part in the eight-week online programme, participate in the recruitment events and go at your own pace by fulfilling the assignments on your own:

  • Complete all seven core modules and at least one bonus module.
  • Participate in the final and the recruitment events.
  • Commit approximately 1.5 hours a week from September to December 2022.
Who should apply

This programme is for you if you’re a young scientist based in any Horizon Europe country who:

  • is working at university, research institute or clinic
  • is a PhD candidate in any area in healthcare – especially MedTech and Pharma
  • or has a Postdoc in healthcare
Key details


  • Full programme: Participation fee of €500 – includes certificate
  • Light programme: Participation fee of €100 – possibility to receive certificate for an additional €50

For early applicants we are offering a special “early bird reduction” of 50% till the end of May. 

Ready to apply?

Applications will be open starting on 1 March 2022 and closing on 31 May 2022. Dates on the informative webinars will be shared soon through this website.

More information

Joanna Baranowska
| Activity Leader | Medical University of Lodz