Science4Pandemics: an online game about infectious diseases and pandemics

COVID-19 has reminded us of the effects that pandemics can have globally. Yet, despite the many advances in the global fight against pandemics, infectious diseases remain a significant threat today.

Through an online game, Science4Pandemics teaches young people, particularly adolescents, about infectious diseases. This educational initiative aims to enhance people’s understanding of pandemics, equip them with important skills in resource management and decision-making, and improve their knowledge of measures to prevent and mitigate pandemics.

Science4Pandemics also aims to increase young people’s participation in Citizen Science studies, helping to collect real-world data used for collaborative research in pandemics.

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What you get

What you will learn

By playing the game you’ll learn:

  • the cycle of infectious diseases – Ebola, Covid, Malaria, HIV and Cholera
  • the basic biology and clinical characteristics of outbreak-prone infections
  • about pandemics prevention & mitigation measures
  • about vaccine safety and effectiveness to decrease hesitancy and disinformation
  • how to prevent health system saturation
  • how to solve challenges in a team
  • how to efficiently convey ideas and participate in pandemic collaborative research

Key details


  • Online


  • Free – just register to play and answer the citizen science questionnaires

Who should play

This programme is open to:

  • Young people
  • Teachers and parents
  • Anyone interested in science and in learning more about pandemic prevention and management measures

Ready to play?

Register online to access the first test version of the game through your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can also sign up to respond to the questionnaires and contribute to pandemics research.

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