Activate citizens to take charge of their own illnesses and risk monitoring


The #ProtectUrLife project has been designed to improve citizens’ understanding of how to live a healthy life and lower the risks of life-impacting events, such as fractures, heart attacks and stroke.

Participants will have the opportunity to assess the health of their heart and bones with a simple 20-minute test. Along with these citizen-centred activities, the project also works to educate primary care physicians about preventive health strategies.Our goal is to activate citizens to take charge of their own illnesses and risk monitoring.

There are two key concepts to our educational activity:

An open-access tent at public events to providee a journey of self-discovery.

Citizen education on cardiovascular and osteoporosis risk and education for general practitioners on the importance of screening and the right diagnosis – to close the care gap between specialised care of acute events and chronic disease management in primary care.

The educational programmes will be designed in partnership with local universities. We are planning a month-long awareness campaign prior to the main event to engage citizens, and hope for support in advertising space and engagement with local media.

The Objective is to engage 10 EU cities with a main event that will take place in parallel all the cities during a two-day period. We target end of October 2019. We aim to perform 300 screenings per city.


Bart Vanmedegael
| Marketing Director | Amgen Europe