EIT Health and the European Investment Fund (EIF) are partnering to operate the Venture Centre of Excellence, a public-private co-investment programme empowering financing for European health start-ups to accelerate their innovation for citizens.


The Venture Centre of Excellence (VCoE) is an Open Innovation programme connecting investors and other key stakeholders from the life sciences and healthcare ecosystems to highly qualified pan-European deal flow, accessed through a custom AI platform and exclusive member community.

The VCoE meets the urgent need to better connect different types of life science healthcare investors, including Venture Capital funds (VCs) and industrial, academic, and Technology Transfer Office (TTO) investors, as well as insurers.

The VCoE facilitates connections by bringing programme members together at exclusive member events on a bi-annual basis, to promote long-term relationship building and the sharing of market insights, thereby breaking down silos.

In addition, programme members will be able to use a suite of Artificial Intelligence tools in order to amplify their scouting, sourcing and syndication operations. The custom-built AI platform will allow the creation of syndication scenarios in start-ups that are of interest to members, based on confidentially-set parameters.

EIT Health and EIF

This collaboration between EIT Health, one of the world’s largest life science consortiums, and EIF, the largest and most influential investor in European venture capital, will catalyse €2 billion in life science investment over the coming 15 years.

The VCoE will create a pan-European deal flow sharing community allowing members to gain access to Europe’s most promising start-ups in the healthcare sector. At the same time, this will increase the capacity of European life science start-ups to fundraise successfully in Series A, B and up to pre-IPO fundraising rounds.

Reasons to join

VC Funds:

  • Access a broad range of Corporate/TTO/insurers/other oganisations with wide expertise across therapeutics, MedTech, and digital health.
  • Share deal flow from your portfolio in order to identify co-investment opportunities with the member community, or offer direct investment opportunities to others.
  • Form strategic partnerships with other members in order to help strengthen your portfolio companies.
  • Access EIT Health’s wide range of start-up support programmes, to provide broader support your portfolio companies.
  • Be selected by EIF to receive funding.

Corporate, TTO/insurer/other organisations:

  • Generate investment return thanks to a diversified portfolio of EIF-selected, participating VC funds.
  • Access innovation insights based on strong relationships across a pan-European EIF-selected VC member community.
  • Access innovation capacity and increase your R&D and other development capabilities via co-investments, direct investment and strategic partnership opportunities.
  • Share investment opportunities in new technologies with other members, and build co-investment scenarios with them.


  • Facilitate your access to equity funding to complete your Series A, B and up to pre-IPO fundraising rounds.
  • Increase your visibility towards qualified, expert European Life Science investors of different types.
  • Build strategic and trusting relationships with your investors.
  • Deepen your integration within the EIT Health network, including by accessing services.
  • Obtain a transparent and valuable assessment of your innovation by completing the VCoE vetting process, thereby standing out from the crowd.
How to join the VCoE
  • Corporates/TTOs/ insurers/other organisations: EIT Health manages your accession. Please contact Jean-Marc Bourez and Rémi Charrier to request more information.
  • VC Funds: EIF manages the selection of VC funds. On 6 January 2021, EIF called for VC funds to apply to be selected as VCoE members. Please contact Patric Gresko with any questions you may have.
  • Start-ups: EIT Health vets and approves certain high-quality start-ups to promote them to the VCoE member community. Please contact Isaac Middlemann to request more information.
VCoE features and services
Introducing EIT Health/EIF collaboration
The VCoE
Strategic Value Proposition
Community Management
AI Platform
Access to Multiple Deal Flow Sources
Isaac Middelmann
Venture Centre of Excellence | Programme Manager | EIT Health France