VIrtual reality for oPerating Room: the room of success


This training uses virtual reality to educate medical students about infection control in the operating room.

While it can be dangerous to invite students into an actual operating room, virtual reality scenarios eliminate risk, and the amusing approach taken by this project makes the lessons on hygiene and infection control more memorable.

The realm of the operating room (OR) is complex for medical students, and they need to be prepared for a variety of challenges beforehand. Training in hygiene/infection control is difficult to organise, due to the restricted nature of the OR, but surgical site infections still contribute majorly to healthcare-associated infections. Many of these could be prevented by adequate infection control measures.

The innovative training session developed by this project consists of an amusing virtual reality operating room scenario. Virtual reality allows students to immerse themselves in the operating room environment and to identify risky situations. Rather than focusing the objectives on the errors, the amusing and memorable training positively orients students for potential successes. Thanks to this programme, medical students will be better prepared to adapt to the hygiene demands of the operating room.

PharmD, PhD Caroline Landelle
| Associate Professor | Université Grenoble Alpes - UFR APS