Early-stage technology assessments help developers make better decisions. This training empowers healthcare start-ups in Central, Eastern and Southern European countries to conduct these assessments.


Developers or investors of medical devices or digital health technologies often miss the appropriate value judgement and assessment of health financing scenarios of innovative technologies before moving ahead with the development process or investing in technology. As a consequence, several new technologies may reach the marketplace without an appropriate market access plan (including pricing and a reimbursement strategy), and do not maximise return on investment. The early phase health technology assessment (eHTA) training helps technology owners or investors make evidence‑informed decisions about further investment in the development of medical device and digital health technologies, especially with expected public reimbursement or procurement.

The Early Health Technology Assessment targets biotech, medtech and digital start-ups in the EIT Health RIS regions of Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. The programme is powered by EIT Health InnoStars.

Early phase Health Technology Assessment training for the participants of InnoStars Awards and RIS Innovation Call 2021

Appropriate value judgement, pricing strategy and market access scenarios of innovative technologies require special skills in evidence synthesis and health economic modelling. The 3×6 hour Early phase Health Technology Assessment – from theory to practice learning programme offers theoretical and practical knowledge to health technology innovators of Innostars Awards in

  • determining the value-based price of their experimental technologies by translating the potential clinical benefits into differential economic value in comparison to the current standard technologies in the pre-launch phase;
  • calculating the return on investment in different development and business creation scenarios based on the net present value models in the pre-launch and launch phases;
  • supporting pricing and reimbursement submissions in different jurisdictions during the business creation phase of the technology in the launch phase. By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with how Health Technology Assessment commences, how it should be prepared and applied to support decisions in different phases of the development and commercialization of innovative technology.

Personal consultation for InnoStars Awards finalists

Once the top teams are selected for stage 2 of Innostars Awards, personalised mentoring will be provided to each team as a follow-up for the developed business plan. It will focus on the value framework development and payment model of the technology. Start-ups will receive support in exploring and concluding the target product profile that drive their differential value. They will also receive strategic advice to increase opportunities to obtain reimbursement status by a public healthcare payer or to implement a successful exit strategy. Mentoring will aid the finalisation of the value proposition and payer model to prepare teams for the final pitching contest and take the next steps towards their market entry.

For more information, contact Dr. Tamas Babel, EIT Health InnoStars Medical and Market Access Manager, tamas.babel@eithealth.eu