24 February 2022

Enterpreneurial co-founder match

In EIT Jumpstarter, each year, there are a considerable number of teams – consisting entirely of researchers – who lack the skills, commitment and intention to become the prospective CEO of their future company. Although they understand the business fundamentals and their project’s business potential during the training program, they need an entrepreneurial team member for successful commercialisation.

This activity aims to overcome the gap (from the university to the industry), uniting the entrepreneurial spirit with scientific excellence to convert research achievements into meaningful businesses and creating start-ups with complete teams.

A local consortium of a university plus an incubator/accelerator from the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) eligible countries will run the entrepreneurial co-founder match activity. It shall contribute to the commercialisation of innovative research results, which otherwise would stay within the university labs.

Local consortia partners will be prepared for and mentored during each step of the activity, ensuring the quality of the program delivery.

Deadline extended!
To apply, please complete the Proposal Template (Annex 2) and submit it by 9th 21st March 2022.