Behealsy: PhD Module in Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

Are you a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering or Health Systems with an idea that would benefit from testing in an academic environment?

BeHealSy is a one-year innovation and entrepreneurship module of PhD level that focuses on Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems. Through this module you’ll be equipped with multidisciplinary research skills in health systems and become capable of translating research outcomes into innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives. Graduates of the BeHealSy will be skilled as entrepreneurs, able to lead in the creation of new devices, services and professions for a healthier Europe.

Next round of applications will open on 15 March 2023.

What you get

The EIT Label

Receive the EIT label supplement to your University PhD diploma after fullfilling the requirements for the School’s curriculum portfolio and PhD thesis.

Awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the EIT Label is a certificate of quality and excellence for educational programmes that are focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership. EIT-labelled degrees encourage innovative pedagogies and incorporate mandatory mobility schemes for students.

Learn more about the EIT Label.

Curriculum details

BeHealSy at a glance:

  • Mobility and placement: Industrial visits, mentoring, entrepreneurship training and innovation workshops with round tables
  • Internship: At the partner universities, through clinical or SME collaboration
  • Dissemination and commercialisation: Of research results and knowledge via partners and the EIT network
  • Prototyping: After successful graduation from the host university the students are encouraged to take their ideas and prototypes further to the innovation path: EIT Health E-labs or Bootcamps to accelerate business creation.

Key Details


  • Blended: Students are required to do short term visits to the key lab to familiarise with critical infrastructure, get a hands on experience, and for data acquisition; while preparing at the home university literature review, pilot study, simulation, and processing of the acquired data after the visisit.


  • Opening of applications: 1 June 2022
  • Closing of applications Autumn edition: 15 August 2022
  • Module starts: Immediately upon acceptance of your application


  • Opening of applications: 15 March 2023
  • Closing of applications Spring edition: 1 May 2023
  • Module starts: Immediately upon acceptance of your application


  • Free

Who should apply

BeHealSy offers two different tracks, for which you must:

  • Degree Awarding Track: Be a PhD student enrolled in a university programme
  • Non-Degree Awarding Track: Be a healthcare professional, industry employer or governmental agency representative holding a master’s degree in the relevant subject

For both tracks, a theoretical or practical expertise and experience in innovation and entrepreneurship will strongly promote a positive selection outcome.

Ready to apply?

Applications for the autumn edition are currently closed. Make sure to take a look to our other programmes to find the best fit for you.


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