EIT Label – Health Degree Programmes

In collaboration with our academic and non-academic partners, EIT Health helps develop and support pan-European Master (MA) and Doctoral (PhD) Degree Programmes that deliver innovation and entrepreneurship skills at the intersection of education, research and business.

Focused on raising the bar in education within the healthcare space, the programmes cover the key strategic themes of:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship in healthy living and active ageing
  • Technological innovation for health
  • Healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Health and medical data and analytics

Each course has its own registration process and deadlines, so take a look through our 2023 Degree Programmes for more information.

What you get

The EIT Label

EIT Health works to obtain the EIT Label for its Degree Programmes. Awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the EIT Label is a certificate of quality and excellence for educational programmes that are focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership. EIT-labelled degrees encourage innovative pedagogies and incorporate mandatory mobility schemes for students.

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2023 degree programmes

Which Degree Programme is right for you? Take a look at our opportunities to find out:

EIT Health Master of Science in Technological Innovation in Health

Through industry experts, this innovative, student-centred programme gives you the skills to boost creativity, and transform your ideas into successful start-ups.

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EIT Health Ageing PhD School

This pan-European PhD programme brings together EIT Health partners to train a new generation of specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology with solid innovation and entrepreneurship competencies.

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PhD Module in Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems

This innovation and entrepreneurship PhD module equips Biomedical and Health System students with the tools to translate their research outcomes into innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.

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Who should register

To build an interdisciplinary learning environment, the EIT Health Degree Programmes welcome applicants with a BSc from a range of business and health disciplines.

EIT Health does not directly manage the Degree Programmes. Applicants should submit their applications through the university where they want to study. The application procedure (including deadline, requirements and supporting documents) are specific to each Degree Programme and to each university. Please check application process and criteria in the individual 2023 Degree Programmes.

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