Technologies for Digital Health Transformation

A Healthcare Transformation Academy Course

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Technologies for Digital Health Transformation

A Healthcare Transformation Academy Course

How is digital transformation bringing value to the healthcare industry?

Over the last decades, technology has created a significant impact on healthcare. Digital Transformation in Healthcare is a building block of a patient-focused approach to healthcare and is helping healthcare providers streamline operations, understand what the patient requires, build loyalty, and trust and offer a better user experience.

With the Digital Health Transformation courses you will be able to deepen your knowledge of key aspects and apply them in real case examples. The courses have been developed with the extensive expertise of Hospital Germans Trias I Pujol, Karolinska Institutet, TU Delft, and TicBiomed.

The course provides fundamental knowledge about the role of medical and IT technologies in the digital transformation of healthcare. This course intends to increase digital readiness of the healthcare professional and equip them better to participate in digital health transformation processes in an active way.

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What you get


  • Online live lectures – 6 hours
  • Online webinars – 3 hours
    • Dates TBD
  • Self-study and assignments – 8-12 hours


  • Introductory e-course
  • Health Data Management and Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence and Process Optimisation Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence and Process Mining in Healthcare
  • Medical Technologies with Applications
  • Meet the expert. Real Use Cases

Eligibility Requirements

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Last year students from healthcare-related degrees
  • Completed the introductory e-course

Introductory e-course

Understand the core principles of Digital Health Transformation and how it can be implemented.

  • Format: Pre-recorded videos and/or content-based to follow at your own pace
  • Cost: Free for all learners

Attending and completing the introductory e-course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the theme.

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