Innovation Management for Ambassadors

A Healthcare Transformation Academy Course

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Innovation Management for Ambassadors

A Healthcare Transformation Academy Course

How can your healthcare organisation benefit from Innovation Management?

With this Healthcare Transformation Academy (HTA) courses, you will be able to deepen your innovation management skills on a strategic as well as operational level. The course is hands-on and developed to equip healthcare staff with the skills needed to transform healthcare from within.

Systematic innovation training where you will solve your own case by applying the insights you learn from the course with the support from a facilitator of your institution.

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What you get


  • Online sessions to follow at your own pace and some live sessions offered by experts in the field
    • Dates TBD
  • Hands-on work in teams, guided by a facilitator of your organisation, to put into practice the theoretical contents of the real scenario


  • Introductory e-course
  • What is innovation and how can it be applied in a healthcare context?
  • Individual case problem identification
  • User involvement regarding needs identification
  • Idea generation with and without stakeholder involvement
  • Prototyping/testing – including user involvement

Eligibility Requirements

Introductory e-course

Understand the core principles of Innovation Management and how it can be implemented.

  • Format: Pre-recorded videos and/or content-based to follow at your own pace
  • Cost: Free for all learners

Attending and completing the introductory e-course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the theme.

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