Leadership in Healthcare

A Healthcare Transformation Academy Course

Leadership in Healthcare Course

Healthcare Transformation Academy

Effective leadership is vital for improving the quality of healthcare provision, especially with the ever-increasing healthcare demands and the need for increased efficiency and productivity.

This Leadership in Healthcare course developed by UZ Leuven experts will allow you to gain a deeper understanding on this topic. You will develop your leadership skills so that you can add value to healthcare organisations.

What you get


  • Theoretical concepts through:
    • Masterclasses in streaming or on premises
    • Key notes
    • Courses
  • Action learning sessions in EU hospitals
  • One-to-one coaching and mentorship sessions at your own hospital by a local facilitator


Introductory e-course
Personal Leadership
Team Leadership
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Eligibility Requirements

  • Heads of medical departments and other senior and top-level physicians at managerial positions
  • Necessary contextual conditions for effective development – organisational support: commitment / time conditions – are discussed and agreed before start of the programme
  • Completed the introductory e-course

Introductory e-course

Understand the core principles of Leadership in Health and how it can be implemented.

  • Format: Pre-recorded videos and/or content-based to follow at your own pace
  • Cost: Free for all learners

Attending and completing the introductory e-course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the theme.

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