Leadership in Healthcare

How could the healthcare system benefit from strong leadership?

Effective leadership is vital for improving the quality of healthcare provision, especially with the ever-increasing healthcare demands and the need for increased efficiency and productivity.

This Leadership in Healthcare course from the Healthcare Transformation Academy will allow you to gain a deeper understanding on this topic. You will develop your leadership skills so that you can add value to healthcare organisations.

The courses have been developed by UZ Leuven experts.

Enrolment for the advanced courses will be opening soon, in the meantime you can already access its introductory e-course here.

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Introductory e-course

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Get first insights to the basic notions of the importance of leadership, in general and, within the healthcare context

Enroll to Leadership course

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Get a deeper understanding of the relevance of leadership in the healthcare context and to further develop your leadership skills capacity to add value to healthcare organizations and healthcare context

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Get a European certification from EIT Health

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Get continuous learning among healthcare professionals and create networks to exchange best practices and experiences to transform healthcare with this powerful academy tool

Introductory e-course

Get introduced to the importance of leadership in the healthcare context.



  • Leadership in a VUCA world
  • New insights into leadership
  • Leadership relevance in the healthcare context


  • Pre-recorded videos and/or content-based to follow at your own pace


  • Free for all learners

Attending and completing the introductory course is mandatory for all learners that want to apply for the rest of the courses across the track.

Access the e-course here 

Leadership in Healthcare Course

Enhance the leadership capacity of heads of medical departments and other senior and top-level physicians.


  • Personal leadership: Your own leadership skills development
  • Team leadership: Leadership skills development for managing a team
  • Change/Political leadership: Leadership skills development to excel in positions with strategic responsibilities:


  • Theoretical concepts through:
    • Masterclasses in streaming or on premises
    • Key notes
    • Courses
  • Action learning sessions in EU hospitals
  • One-to-one coaching and mentorship sessions at your own hospital by a local facilitator

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Heads of medical departments and other senior and top-level physicians at managerial positions
  • Necessary contextual conditions for effective development – organisational support: commitment / time conditions – are discussed and agreed before start of the programme
  • Completed the introductory e-course


Who should enrol?

The programme is open to healthcare workers at all levels with diverse backgrounds. However, the advanced course targets a specific profile that you can find in the course’s description.

Ready to enrol?

Our 2023 Leadership in Healthcare courses will be oppening soon. Get in touch with our team for more information if you’re interested in enrolling.

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