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Are you ready to tackle Europe’s pressing healthcare challenges in partnership with healthcare providers and industry leaders? The EIT Heath Open Innovation programme is designed to fast-track your healthcare solution.

This tailored acceleration programme is geared towards ground-breaking technologies, spin-offs, start-ups, SME’s and consortia operating in the biotech, MedTech or digital health sectors. To empower them to present compelling solutions to the tackle the challenges co-defined by EIT Health’s industry and hospital partners.

In our dynamic programme, we supercharge start-ups by refining their value propositions and business models, offering hands-on mentoring. Together, we elevate patient outcomes, and work towards new models to deliver healthcare based on value.

Ready to solve pressing healthcare challenges? Apply by 18 January 2024.

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The Challenge

Fast, regular, and minimal invasive remote monitoring of people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

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EIT Health, alongside its partners Takeda and KU Leuven, is seeking solutions that turbocharge the most promising technologies for monitoring inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We are looking for solutions that aim to solve the following challenges:

a) Early detection of flares in inflammatory bowel disease – Solutions that can improve the early detection of flares. Such as regular monitoring of symptoms, detecting patterns of bowel movements, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding, weight loss or fatigue.

b) New biomarkers for inflammatory bowel disease – Solutions that provide new biomarkers are emerging, such as microbial, genetic, proteomic, exosome-derived or new body fluids biomarkers. Also, new digital biomarkers that include measurable, quantifiable data collected through digital means (such as mobile apps, sensors, wearables or other devices) can provide insights into the disease’s progression, severity or response to treatment.

c) Understanding IBD behaviour better (optional: can be combined with a & b) – Solutions that connect and review patient’s medical history, including past flare patterns, hospitalisations and medication adjustments, can assist in identifying early signs of recurrent flares. Keeping track of lifestyle changes, dietary habits, stress levels, and triggers that might exacerbate symptoms can aid in recognising early warning signs of a flare.

Find out all about the challenge here.

The desired impact of a solution that allows for fast, regular and minimal invasive remote monitoring of people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is to:

Who should apply

Any solution provider who can meet the challenge can apply to the Open Innovation programme: incorporated entities, non-incorporated entities, spin-offs from research institutions, universities and hospitals, as well as consortia.

  • 1

    To apply as a start-up or SME, it must:

    • Be a for-profit SME in line with the EU definition
    • Be legally incorporated in the EU or Horizon Europe-associated countries
    • Have been incorporated after 1 January 2018 and before the application deadline
    • Have at least two paid FTEs and a CEO working full-time at the time of applying, covering technical and business backgrounds
    • Have solutions with an innovation maturity level of at least IML3


  • 2

    To apply as a team, it must be composed by organisations that:

    • Are part of research groups, university or hospital (organisation contacts) under a contract
    • Have the objective to spin out
    • Consist of two or more people


  • 3

    To apply as a consortia, it must:

    • Be a combination of various start-ups
    • Be a combination of various teams
    • Be a combination of start-ups and teams


  • 4

    Upon acceptance of the programme, EIT Health and participating companies must sign a participation agreement.

Have questions?

Webinars are a great way to find out if the programme is a right fit for you. Receive firsthand information from the programme manager and get all your questions answered. Join our webinar on Wednesday 10 January at 12:00 CET.


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