EIT Health DRIVE is a training programme that ensures knowledge transfer from well-developed innovation hubs to EIT Health RIS regions to strengthen local innovation capacities. It is powered by TU Delft and EIT Health InnoStars.

The goal

The main goal of this programme is to equip representatives of EIT Health RIS regions with competencies that enable them to understand their existing system and develop a targeted improvement strategy to deploy new interventions and obtain tangible results in the innovation ecosystem year by year.

The programme aims to improve local innovation ecosystem support mechanisms and foster closer interactions between knowledge triangle actors.

Participants focus on better understanding the functioning of innovation ecosystems in general, and particularly the characteristics of the one they represent. Using a design approach, they develop a tailor-made strategy and concrete action plan for the coming years to execute.

Attendees work along five focus areas:

– engage clinical stakeholders in innovation

– improve processes related to start-up acceleration

– drive student entrepreneurship

– develop technology transfer capabilities

– create a network of policy makers who drive innovation.

DRIVE Projects
  • Inspirational Talks (more information will be available soon)
  • Masterclasses (more information will be available soon)
Nóra Félegyházi
InnoStars | RIS Innovation Ecosystem Development Manager | EIT Health