Healthcare system resilience and sustainability

Innovation can enhance health systems by improving disease prevention, enabling personalised medicine and increasing access to care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, innovation was key in uncovering more regulatory flexibility and new clinical trial models. Innovation also helped to drive increased production and the development of new solutions, while allowing for the rapid adaptation of devices and processes.

We need to unveil existing roadblocks, gather learnings from the pandemic and provide recommendations for policy action, in order to create resilient and sustainable healthcare systems. EIT Health is uniquely placed to do this transformational work and engage with stakeholders to build future-proof health systems through innovation.


Unlocking Innovation to Build More Resilient and Sustainable Healthcare Systems in Europe

Enacting Change

As well as providing thought leadership around healthcare system resilience and sustainability, we are developing new products and services that deliver cutting-edge innovations to transform healthcare. Discover some of our work in this area.