Value-based Healthcare


As the European population ages and incidences of chronic disease and co-morbidities increase, it puts greater pressure on healthcare services. We need to create more efficient and sustainable healthcare systems that deliver real value for patients.

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) aims to do just that. Rather than focusing on process, VBHC targets the outcomes that make the biggest difference to patients, while driving cost efficiencies within health services.


Implementing Value-Based Healthcare in Europe: Handbook for Pioneers

VBHC provides a methodology for measurable health and care outcomes that make the biggest difference to patients, while driving cost efficiencies within health services.

The EIT Health handbook and framework explores insights from pioneers in the field and defines the key steps critical to implementing VBHC in health services. Directed by Professor Gregory Katz, Chair of Innovation & Value in Health at the University of Paris School of Medicine, it aims to help health care providers fully realise the opportunity presented by VBHC and drive forward a medical culture shift in Europe.

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Early Diagnostics: Shaping Healthcare and Society Through New Technologies

Innovation in early diagnostics allows the development and utilisation of solutions that will enable earlier identification and treatment of diseases, and even prevention. This report outlines the growth and opportunities afforded to us by moving towards higher implementation of early diagnostics to support the sustainability of healthcare systems.

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Opinion Pieces

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Value-based healthcare

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Value-based healthcare

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