Value-based healthcare

As the European population ages and incidences of chronic disease and co-morbidities increase, it puts greater pressure on healthcare services. We need to create more efficient and sustainable healthcare systems that deliver real value for patients.

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) aims to do just that. Rather than focusing on process, VBHC targets the outcomes that make the biggest difference to patients, while driving cost efficiencies within health services.


Implementing Value-Based Healthcare in Europe: Handbook for Pioneers

Early Diagnostics: Shaping Healthcare and Society Through New Technologies

Professor Gregory Katz on EIT Health’s VBHC publication

Professor Gregory Katz explains the need for VBHC as he talks through the publication he produced with EIT Health, ‘Implementing Value-Based Health Care in Europe: Handbook for Pioneers’.

Case Study Library

Discover how leading healthcare pioneers have already made the switch to VBHC.

Santeon (Private hospital)

Within 18 months of introducing its HVC plan, Santeon, a Dutch group of private teaching hospitals, reduced reoperations due to breast cancer complications by up to 74 per cent and cut unnecessary inpatient stays by almost 30 percent across its seven hospitals.

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Martini-Klinik (Condition specific provider)

A private centre focusing on prostate cancer care, Martini-Klinik is the leading treatment centre worldwide, in both volume and outcomes. Their strategy centres entirely on outcome measurement, team cohesion and continuous improvement – also known as the “Martini Principle”. Impressive outcomes from the centre include an 11 times lower rate of severe incontinence versus the German average, and a 55% lower rate of severe erectile dysfunction one year post-surgery.

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Diabeter (Outpatient chronic care clinic)

A Dutch group of certified clinics that specialise in comprehensive and individualised care for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes. They achieved superior outcomes through the rigorous pursuit of outcome measurement.

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Basel University Hospital (Public hospital)

Basel University Hospital
As one of five Swiss university hospitals, Basel University Hospital (USB) was the first to implement HVC in 2016. Through combined top-down and bottom-up efforts, USB medical teams began with two conditions and expanded to nine within two years.

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Uppsala Academic Hospital (Public hospital)

Uppsala Academic Hospital
In 2013, Uppsala, a large academic hospital in Sweden, launched its HVC transformation plan. Its ambulance unit went on to reduce the number of unnecessary dispatches by 17% and time to dispatch by nearly 19% without affecting patient outcomes.

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GLA:D (Network of independent caregivers)

Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:D) is a non-profit organisation training and certifying physiotherapists to deliver neuromuscular exercise therapy to patients with osteoarthritis. With more than 800 sites and 1,300 certified caregivers across five countries in 2019, the GLA:D initiative helped 50,000 patients to maximise outcomes.

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NHS Wales (Health system)

NHS Wales
In 2017, NHS Wales developed a portal for standardised patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) collection for 31 care pathways, with questionnaires available in English and validated Welsh translations. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABUHB) has been a pioneer in collecting PROMS for over 20 conditions with a 77% response rate through the use of smartphones.

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The Netherlands Heart Registry (Third party quality registry)

The Netherlands Heart Registry
The Netherlands Heart Registry (NHR) is a non-profit organisation facilitating a HVC programme for cardiac diseases across 22 Dutch heart centres. Through public reporting, NHR serves cardiac patients and health system users in making outcome data visible and patient choice possible.

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Menzis (Private payer)

A leading insurer in the Netherlands, Menzis covers approximately 13 per cent of the population. Through its HVC strategy, Menzis offers Dutch providers bundled payment contracts based on outcome and cost measurements.

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Enacting Change

As well as providing thought leadership around value-based healthcare, we are developing new products and services that deliver cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare. Discover some of our work in this area.