Value-based Healthcare

As the European population ages and incidences of chronic disease and co-morbidities increase, it puts greater pressure on healthcare services. We need to create more efficient and sustainable healthcare systems that deliver real value for patients.

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) aims to do just that. Rather than focusing on process, VBHC targets the outcomes that make the biggest difference to patients, while driving cost efficiencies within health services.


Implementing Value-Based Healthcare in Europe: Handbook for Pioneers

Early Diagnostics: Shaping Healthcare and Society Through New Technologies

Professor Gregory Katz on EIT Health’s VBHC publication

Professor Gregory Katz explains the need for VBHC as he talks through the publication he produced with EIT Health, ‘Implementing Value-Based Health Care in Europe: Handbook for Pioneers’.

Enacting Change

As well as providing thought leadership around value-based healthcare, we are developing new products and services that deliver cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare. Discover some of our work in this area.