The EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) was established in 2015 to provide equal opportunities for next-generation healthcare innovators. Introduced by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), it covers regions where the pace of innovation is moderate: from the Baltics, through Central Europe, to Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Today we work with 14 EIT Health Hubs in 13 countries. Hubs act as change agencies that support fast-tracking healthcare entrepreneurs with the skills, network, and resources needed to take their ideas from vision to reality in their regions. EIT Health supports business development at each and every stage to shorten the time-to-market for the most promising projects.

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EIT Health supported start-up IQ Biozoom in strategic alliance with renowned institutions in the field of innovative home diagnostics

The established partnership is expected to intensify research work on fast, home-based methods of measuring cortisol.

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Exploring the Boundaries and Opportunities of AI in Healthcare

Recent episode of Healthcare Hackers discussions offered valuable insights into the AI's limitations in healthcare.

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The European University Association presents a strategic vision for FP10

Europe as a leader in new knowledge and discoveries

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EIT Health InnoStars Challenge-based acceleration programme welcomes 9 innovative start-ups ready to answer healthcare challenges of Roche Slovakia

9 innovative start-ups ready to tackle healthcare challenges from Roche Slovakia

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ASA Institute and EIT Health form a strategic partnership to boost research and innovation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

ASA Institute, the first institution from Bosnia and Herzegovina to partner with EIT Health

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Enter the healthcare market faster with Digivitality

Your Gateway to Healthcare Innovation!

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