The EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) was established in 2015 to provide equal opportunities for next-generation healthcare innovators. Introduced by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), it covers regions where the pace of innovation is moderate: from the Baltics, through Central Europe, to Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Today we work with 14 EIT Health Hubs in 13 countries. Hubs act as change agencies that support fast-tracking healthcare entrepreneurs with the skills, network, and resources needed to take their ideas from vision to reality in their regions. EIT Health supports business development at each and every stage to shorten the time-to-market for the most promising projects.

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Orgavalue’s Revolutionary Bioengineering: Transforming Dreams of Organ Transplants into Reality!

Rodrigo Val d’Oleiros, CEO and Founder of Orgavalue, the winner of EIT Health InnoStars Awards 2023 talks about…

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Revolutionising Rehab: The Tech Behind MEBSTER’s Award-Winning Exoskeleton!

Mike Gloger, CEO and founder of MEBSTER - the winner of 2023 Attract To Invest programme, shares insights…

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Unlocking Greek healthcare’s future: closing the funding gap for hospital-startup collaborations

EIT Health Morning Health Talks in Greece

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Five Portuguese healthcare start-ups take home awards from EIT Health InnoStars Grand Final in Milan

We know the winners of the 2023 edition of the InnoStars Grand Final

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Join the EIT Health InnoStars Grand Final and watch start-up pitches from the first-class talent scouts in healthcare innovation.

Join the EIT Health InnoStars Grand Final and witness visionary entrepreneurs pitch their groundbreaking health tech solutions.

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Portuguese start-up BEAT Therapeutics, accelerated by EIT Health, wins prestigious award in Europe’s leading start-up event in Spain

BEAT Therapeutics wins Startup Ole pitch competition!

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