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Happytal has started hiring! More than 100 jobs will be created

9th July 2019

Happytal opens up offices in new hospitals

Happytal, an EIT Health-supported project and winner of the French CLC’s 2016 Business Plan Competition, announced its arrival in the PACA region and in Paris in four hospitals. In 2017, happytal is recruiting more than 100 people on permanent contracts in hospitals: business development, partnership, human resources and finance department.


“Being one of the laureate of EIT Health Business Plan Competition has made us very proud. It confirms the interest in our offer on the French market as well as abroad. The Grant will help us accelerate our international development as we aim to build numerous partnerships within the EIT Health Program ecosystem and benefit from the EIT Health Program press coverage.”   Romain REVELLAT, co-founder


Happytal, the project

Born out of personal hospitalization experiences, happytal is a concierge solution that contributes to improving the quality of life in hospitals for patients, families and staff.

After three years happytal has become the hospitality leading solution for French hospitals. It delivers highly strategic and operational services in the private rooms billing process and provides a broad offer of concierge services.

Happytal is supporting hospital staff:

  • They can dedicate all their time to their missions of patient care. For example, they no longer need to bring some hygiene products for babies or women in maternity department.
  • Their stress is reduced because the patient’s well being is improved.
  • There are large numbers of accessible services as bread delivery, coffee delivery, laundry, fruit baskets etc.
  • This innovative concierge offers more than 30 service delivery, most of them are new and innovative.

It meets patients’ needs:

  • Relaxation and healing: hairdressing, reflexology, manicure, facial care
  • Entertainment: delivering press and newspapers.

And it meets patients’ problems:

  • Mobility: collecting drugs
  • Presence: daycare for children

Happytal is in public sector to reach as many patients as possible, services are available for all patients and provide them with more value for their money.

Happytal has a significant impact on local economy, with the support of 100 of indirect jobs at national level and twenty jobs thanks to their hospital partners.

Some numbers…

Every month, 10.000 users and personnel are using happytal’s services in about 20 public institutions in France.

A survey in 2016 revealed client satisfaction of 97%.


Happytal announced its arrival in the PACA region, in Cannes (inauguration in 12 April 2017) and in Paris in 4 hospitals belonging to “Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris”:

  • Rotschild hospital (inauguration on 24 April),
  • Trousseau hospital (inauguration in May),
  • St Antoine hospital (inauguration in June),
  • Tenon hospital (inauguration in July).
    Now, happytal aims at opening in more than 200 institutions in France and abroad over the next 4 years. Furthermore, happytal continues to recruit people.

For more information write to Happytal or visit the website

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