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EIT Health France welcomes Institut Mines-Télécom as an Associate Partner

15th July 2019

TeraLab, a Big Data Platform for Research and Innovation by Institut Mines-Télécom

EIT Health France welcomes Institut Mines-Télécom as an Associate Partner.

IMT is a public institution under the aegis of the Ministries for Industry and Digital Technologies, working on a broad spectrum of themes and with extensive geographical coverage. A major player at the juncture between sciences / digital technology and the engineer, the Institute focuses the skills of its graduate schools on key areas of transformation: digital technologies, energy, production and their impact on the industry of the future, the city of the future, healthcare and autonomy.

IMT develops a Research and Innovation strategy around three crosscutting programs that meet societal and economical challenges. The program “Health, Autonomy and Well Being” is one of the first programs. It was launched in 2015 after an internal consultation and gathers more than 150 researchers.

The actions of the program head towards 4 priority research lines: autonomy, healthcare systems efficiency, health data and knowledge, medical devices.

It trains 13 000 outstanding engineers, managers and doctors representing 8% of engineers (#1 in France) trained each year.

First engineering academic group in European contracts and ERC, IMT is n°1 in terms of partnership research closely linked to industry. The quality and intensity of its research in partnership with the economic sector were rewarded by two Carnot Institut labels in 2006, renewed in 2011 and 2016.
In addition, it promotes entrepreneurship and project incubation: every year some 100 start-ups come out of the campuses’ incubators and living Lab.

IMT brings platform such as TeraLab : TeraLab platform is a Big Data Platform for Research and Innovation, a winner project of the 2012 Big Data call for projects of the French Investment for the Future Program (5.6 million euros).

The ambition is to accelerate research and innovation in Big Data analytics and to fuel talents for tomorrow’s datajobs.

TeraLab’s mission is to provide research and innovation stakeholders with the technological resources needed to understand the implications of Big Data, develop analytic tools and solutions, and create value. Such resources represent high investments in equipment, skills and time that can hardly be afforded by companies to scale their experiments.

In the end, TeraLab is helping companies in all industry sectors to seize the opportunities by understanding better the implications of massive data usage. It is therefore a matter of geopolitical stakes.

TeraLab has been rewarded at the highest European “Silver I Space” level in November 2016 in Valencia (Spain) at the BDVA assembly. European Innovation Spaces (BDVA i-Spaces) are one of the four pillars of the BDVA Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda. Innovation Spaces are cross-organizational and cross-sectorial environments allowing challenges to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way and serving as European hubs for Big Data research and innovation activities. These new label grades are aligned with the maturity and potential impact of the platform in five main domains: Excellence of infrastructure, Quality of Services, Projects and sectors, Impact to Eco System and Business model

At the end of 2016, more than 40 Research and Innovation projects has been hosted or are hosted in many different domains (Mobility, Energy, Industry, Insurance, Wellbeing and Health, e government, e commerce) on TeraLab.

This new partner is a real opportunity for our organization and each of our partners to get closer to the Institut Mines Télécom in order to see their contribution more directly in future projects.

Click here to visit the Website of IMT.

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