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EIT Health welcomes 25 French start-ups in its network

18th June 2021

Following the first wave of the EIT Health Accelerator Call, 25 French start-ups have officially been selected to participate in pan-European programmes.

As every year, the EIT Health Accelerator opened applications to its 2021 pan-European programmes in January, with a first wave of deadlines due in March. Start-ups from all over Europe applied with the hope to join EIT Health’s network and subsequently access knowledge, stakeholders, markets and funding.

Out of the 570+ companies which applied, 70+ are incorporated in France, showing the growing visibility EIT Health benefits from in the country, but also the quality and dynamism of French innovation.

47.5% of these applicants are start-ups that have already participated in EIT Health programmes in the past, which highlights the relevance of EIT Health’s support throughout their development – all needs and maturity levels are covered by EIT Health Accelerator programmes and start-ups are encouraged to apply from one year to another, to fully benefit from EIT Health’s support until their solution reaches the market (and even beyond this step).

The Business Creation team of EIT Health France acts as an entry gate to Europe in France, and as such works hands-in-hands with its partners and the French life science ecosystem to attract the best start-ups towards its Accelerator programmes.

Between, 2016 and 2020, 133 French start-ups have been supported by EIT Health. The full list of French alumni can be looked up here:

Today we are delighted to share the selection results of the first wave of the 2021 Accelerator Call! Once again French start-ups prove qualitative and successful since 25 will (re)-join the network in 2021!

Start-ups per category:

  • Biotech: 3
  • Medtech: 9
  • Digital Health: 13

Below are the results per programme:

  • Bridgehead Europe


AdEchoTech: AdEchoTech is a France based company founded by a medical doctor-sonographer and it was funded in part by the CNES (Centre National d’Etudes spaciales: National Center for Space Studies). The company is specialized in remote robotic ultrasound systems that deliver expert diagnostic imaging to remote communities in real time.


Axomove: Founded by a physiotherapist, Axomove is an e-health startup which intends to improve the rehabilitation and prevention of all physical conditions, from neurology diseases, orthopedic surgery and traumatology in rehab centers and hospitals to musculoskeletal disorders (MSK) at the workplace


Incepto Medical: Incepto is a health tech that provides a single, secure, and integrated platform, which has its own and curated third-party AI apps for medical imaging that meet several different clinical needs, empowering doctors and radiologists to diagnose more precisely and faster. We are a single service gateway to state of art AI medical imaging solutions.

Predilife: Predilife offers innovative solutions enabling everyone to define their disease risk profile in order to best anticipate and reduce the risk of serious pathologies. It uses artificial intelligence methods applied to medical, clinical, genetic and imaging data. Our vision : predict to prevent. Predilife markets MammoRisk to assess breast cancer risk.


  • Bridgehead Global

Cibiltech: Cibiltech develops digital solutions for predictive medicine in renal transplantation. Our AI-based algorithm helps nephrologists to better assess individual graft loss trajectory for each patient and to adjust treatment accordingly. This results in longer survival of the graft, an extended patient lifespan, and better clinical resources management.

Fizimed: Fizimed develops connected medical devices for women health. 1 woman in 10 is suffering of urinary incontinence. Recommended by healthcare professionals, Emy is a connected medical device to strengthen pelvic floor at home to stop leaks. EMY allows any woman to be free to do Kegel exercises to strengthen her perineum whenever and wherever she wants.

Japet: Japet combines medical sciences and modern robotics in solutions for the health of peoples back. Its exoskeleton helps employees affected by back pain to recover and stay healthy at work.

Therapanacea: TheraPanacea is a French medical technology company aiming at introducing cutting-edge technological in AI to disrupt cancer treatment with radiotherapy. With our ART-Plan solution, any radiotherapy center will be able to perform with same efficiency and quality as the top 1% radiotherapy centers regardless of resources and expertise available.

  • Health Catapult

Bioadhesive Ophthalmics: Bioadhesive Ophthalmics is willing to transform Ophthalmology by relieving patients from the burden of their eye diseases. We aim to change radically the way of treating the eye with a Mucoadhesive Ocular Hydrogel Insert that releases drugs over a one-week period allowing for medications of higher efficacy & potency.


SideROS: For the improvement of patients wellbeing across the world by creating & developing innovative drug candidate revolutionizing cancer treatments.

BeFC: At BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells, we have developed a breakthrough innovation that allows the use of enzymes and carbon paper to generate energy through biocatalysis. A result of decades of pioneering research into the bioenzymatic activity and properties of paper materials, the intellectual property is protected by a 5+1 patent portfolio. In contrast to conventional batteries, our devices are natural and are metal-free. We use enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity.

Orixha: Critical Care teams using LV4C will save thousands of lives of their cardiac arrest patients thanks to our unique and patented ultra-rapid therapeutic hypothermia induction by liquid ventilation.



AZMed: A Computer-aided diagnosis tool automating signs of COVID -19 detection on X-rays, allowing radiologists

Avatar Medical: AVATAR MEDICAL provides surgeons with interactive virtual reality visualization of 3D medical images of their patients, enhancing image interpretation and pre-operative planning. AVATAR MEDICAL is a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie incorporated in 2020.

  • Start-ups Meet Pharma

IMAGEENS: IMAGEENS helps health systems and medical databases build accurate & precise patient and data cohorts using our AI data pipelines (LABEL). IMAGEENS is the first company to sign a strategic partnership with the entire AP-HP (largest hospital group in Europe) in December 2020 to implement and improve LABEL with the AP-HP Data Warehouse (EDS).


CODOC SAS: From clinical data to medical knowledge: helping hospitals efficiently providing real-world evidences.

CTMA – Clinical Trials Mobile Application: CT-SCOUT™ is a revolutionary multi-device web application, matching potential trial subjects with ongoing recruitment active studies at sites, based on a unique algorithm model that aims to boost patient recruitment by: ExactCure: ExactCure developed a personalized medication tool that simulates in-silico the concentration of drugs in the blood of patients, based on their individual characteristics (age, renal status, genotype…). The goal is to personalize drug treatments, to avoid overdoses and drug-drug interactions in the (poly)pharmaceutical management of diseases.

  • Detecting potentially eligible patients
  • Matching them with ongoing clinical trials at site
  • Coordinating the research team

Collective Thinking: Collective Thinking is an AI software company that develops disrupting technology to automatically analyze unstructured textual content from clinical reports and extract all relevant and valuable information in order to improve patient care and outcomes.

  • Ulabs

CardioRenal: CardioRenal is a company dedicated to improving the quality of treatment for heart failure patients through the use of state-of-the art technology (expert systems, real-time diagnosis, microfluidics, etc.) combined with top medical expertise.

INOVOTION: Inovotion proposes a ground-breaking in vivo efficacy testing for anticancer drugs on all types of human tumors, including for Personalised Medicine.

  • Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Neuraltide: Neuraltide is currently developing for commercialization in Europe a Low Risk Medical Device (MD) to Treat Acute Ischemic Stroke. The mode of action is innovative, able to enhance cerebral perfusion and to reduce stroke handicap. Our MD is a New therapeutic option for physicians and stroke patients known to have high unmet medical needs.

Tissueaegis: TissueAegis focuses on developing a unique medical device at world scale, to enable the transport and preservation of human tissues – notably for transplant purposes – at quality, safety and performances levels unseen to date. Our mission is to provide solutions enabling healthy transfer of graft from donor to patient.

Noraker: Noraker is developing bioactive implants addressed to a wide spectrum of bone trauma indications (bone fracture, tendon and ligament rupture). As population ages, it will contribute to preserving the quality of the bones for a better and longer active life of the patients, with also savings for healthcare systems.

  • Reactor Bootcamp

Starlink Pharma: Our flagship application “Conseil Santé” facilitates relations between pharmacists and their patients, allowing the various parties to obtain information, make reservations, make purchases, book appointments, have deliveries, communicate on all social networks, set up loyalty programmes etc.

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