Helping over-50s become entrepreneurs

More and more mature workers are finding the benefit of starting new careers as entrepreneurs. Silver Starters inspires older citizens to launch new businesses.


As Europeans live longer, they spend more years working than ever before, and many people find themselves making a late career shift into entrepreneurship.

Nevertheless, starting a new business may seem a daunting prospect for someone who has never tried it.  Many older people consider creating a start-up, yet many courses are conceived for young entrepreneurs.

The Silver Starters programme aims to support citizens over 50 to start and manage their own business. It is an eight-week course specifically designed to equip older citizens with the tools and knowledge they need for their business to thrive and overcome any barriers they may be likely to experience along the way.

Silver Starters highlights the many choices available to those over 50 and gives a solid foundation into the essentials of establishing a new company.

Ewa Nocun
| Activity Lead | Medical University of Lodz