EIT Health Ageing PhD School: Driving innovation in healthcare for older patients

EIT Health Ageing PhD School is fueled by a pan-European collaboration of EIT Health Academic and Non-Academic partners to foster international and crosssector training of a new generation of PhD specialists, to achieve solid Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) competencies.

EIT Health Ageing PhD School stands on accredited PhD programmes. By integrating a robust EIT Health based-innovation and entrepreneurship training, multi-university portfolio of teaching in ageing, international mobility and co-mentorship of PhD thesis in universities, hospitals and companies, participants gain real-world experiences that facilitate holistic learning, all delivered through a broad network of top-level universities to guarantee excellence in education.

Applications for the 2022-2025 edition are now closed.

What you get

The EIT Label

Receive the EIT label supplement to your University PhD diploma after fullfilling the requirements for the School’s curriculum portfolio and PhD thesis.

Awarded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), the EIT Label is a certificate of quality and excellence for educational programmes that are focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership. EIT-labelled degrees encourage innovative pedagogies and incorporate mandatory mobility schemes for students.

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Curriculum details

Integrating real-life business challenges in all phases of the programme and by promoting cross-sector and international mobility schemes, the EIT Health Ageing PhD School aims to foster EIT Health’s mission and Students’ expected learning outcomes, including:

  • Making value judgments and sustainability competencies
  • Entrepreneurship skills and competencies
  • Creativity skills and competencies
  • Innovation skills and competencies
  • Research skills and competencies
  • Intellectual transforming skills and competencies
  • Leadership skills and competencies

PhD’s will acquire the expected competencies to become the future leaders and entrepreneurs of innovation-driven ageing research and ageing-related business in Europe.

Who should apply

To be admitted in the EIT Health Ageing PhD School, students must: 

  • Be a PhD Student
  • Be registered in one of the selected “Core PhD Programmes” or in a PhD programme within the EIT Network eligible to be a member of the consortium
  • Be committed to complete during their studies a minimum of 30 ECTS in courses, internship and mobility at a partner university

EIT label requirements for EIT Health Ageing PhD School include:

  • 10 ECTS (minimum) acquired in I&E activities
  • 5 ECTS (minimum) acquired in Advanced Courses
  • 15 ECTS acquired in Mobility Schemes
  • 5 ECTS acquired in the Annual Retreat (mandatory)

Mandatory EIT Health Ageing ECTS should be acquired in the first year of each PhD Programme

Ready to apply?

Applications for the 2022-2025 edition are now closed. Check back soon for the next edition applications.

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