A narrative approach to improve citizens' ageing and well-being

Care for seniors can improve if their carers understand their personal stories. CCentre uses seniors’ narratives as the basis of its education for health professionals.


CCentre turns the personal stories of seniors into material for a narrative-based educational programme to train healthcare and welfare professionals. This results in training that places citizens’ desires and needs at the core of healthcare. The story-based approach ensures that professionals understand the lives of seniors better, so that they can provide more efficient and fitting healthcare services. When professionals go beyond clinical records and protocols, complementing technical knowledge with human treatment, the overall treatment improves. This innovative educational format was conceived and developed in 2018 and piloted in Barcelona and Copenhagen in 2019. In 2020 it will be made available to the public through a capacity-building digital platform backed by an international advisory board.

Elena Lauroba Lacasa
| Law Professor | University of Barcelona