Entrepreneurship Labs

E-Labs are a strategic activity line focusing on the EIT Health Education mission of entrepreneurship and innovation education.


E-Labs are creative centres that train students and young entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship skills. By addressing real-life cases, learners are provided with hands-on opportunities to discover solutions to health-related challenges that lead to value creation. E-Labs use a creative space for early incubation and connecting students to the knowledge triangle of businesses, researchers and innovators.

E-Labs for 2020

Click on the links below for more information about the courses, as well as details on how to register.

DHE: Digital Health Entrepreneurs: Learners from various disciplines are supported in developing digital health solutions for older people.

MedTech E-Lab: MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab: Learners solve practical challenges posed by hospital and industry partners while acquiring the tools to build and launch a business.

Co-up Lab: Co-creative pop-up Laboratory: A unique educational programme designed as a semester-long incubation process, where students develop their own ideas in co-creation with stakeholders, users, experts and other students.

E-Train: A journey towards innovations for better health: Engages participants in hands-on development of new solutions through a public-patient involvement model.

Smart-up Lab: Innovative and solution-driven e-lab programme: International interdisciplinary project teams will develop their ideas and products under dedicated mentoring.

Copenhagen E-Lab: Takes students and young professionals on an entrepreneurial journey, giving them innovation training and involving them in hands-on work to bring a healthcare solution to market.

H-Impact: Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab: An extracurricular educational programme where participants learn theory, work on a project and take part in a pitch contest, so that they can be better equipped to commercialise innovations in the healthcare field.

Paris Elab: Fosters entrepreneurship education among health and sciences students at Sorbonne and Naples University.

TOMA: Helps learners use entrepreneurial approaches to address the crisis of opiod addiction plaguing modern society.

HEARTBEAHT: Students begin the journey of getting a healthcare innovation to market – creating together and producing a prototype to pitch to potential investors.

SartUB!: Students tackle real healthcare challenges in a solution-oriented programme.

INPHECT: helps public health professionals think differently about the complex challenges faced by Europe’s health systems.

Joanna Baranowska
| Project Coordinator | Medical University of Lodz