Summer School: Building an e-health workforce with advanced skills

If we realise their potential, digital solutions can revolutionise healthcare. This course shows how to develop a workforce that can maximise the possibilities of healthcare systems in the digital age.


This course will investigate the skills required to adapt advanced technologies in cross-border development of healthcare and the health workforce. With the help of change management and evidence-based policy-making approaches, participants will understand the functioning of health systems, the benefits of digital ecosystems, and the context and rationale of workforce development. Learners will identify major challenges and innovative solutions for achieving a positive impact of digital transformation on healthcare and its workforce. The Summer School presents case studies and applies teamwork to help participants internalise essential e-skills, and to determine good ways to upskill the workforce so that it matches the state of maturity of digitisation.


Kovács Eszter
| Assistant Professor | Semmelweis University