Start-up kick-off

University-level training in entrepreneurship can help life sciences students become innovators. This programme develops a course at two universities that can be replicated elsewhere.


Paris E-lab fosters entrepreneurship education for life sciences students at Sorbonne Université and Naples University. The programme provides a semester-long training with real-life challenges, while allowing for exchanges with mentors, coaches and experts. The goal of the course is to provide training for the next generation of innovators. In 2020, the programme will feature training in entrepreneurship and real-life challenges, business development workshops, and awareness-raising events in partnership with Schoolab, Paris&Co, Cap Digital and AP-HP.

Course programme and dates

The course is planned in four segments. Some or all of these sessions may be moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Registration: To open in July and run until 24 September 2020
  2. Overall online module: 2-30 September 2020
  3. Entrpreneurship courses: Planned to be held at Sorbonne University in Paris, 1 October-12 November 2020
  4. Hackathon: Planned to be held at the University of Naples, 7-8 October 2020
  5. Final workshop: “Start-up Kick-off” Planned to be held in Paris, 10-12 November 2020

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Djamel Bouhadjer
| Activity Lead | Sorbonne Université