Improving URBan HEALTH trainingS for technicians and trainers

Urban environments pose public health challenges. URB_HealthS develops training for the local officials who seek to address these challenges.


URB_HealthS will work to produce training material about urban health for municipal officials and professionals, so they can take appropriate action. Then it will validate the material by providing training sessions for three municipalities. The broad impact of our built environment on public health, especially on vulnerable populations such as the elderly, needs to be addressed through active policies and multisectoral programmes promoting healthier communities and cities. Building on previous work to identify key experts, URB_HealthS will organise working groups of multidisciplinary experts to generate training material on regulations, techniques, strategies and experiences related to urban health. The material is designed to be useful for local government officials from different areas. Initially, it will be offered to municipal technicians and professionals in Coimbra, Portugal; Alcorcón, Spain; and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Is it for me?

The training programmes are delivered for local technicians of the municipality, so places are mainly reserved for the municipal team. Additionally, there are also some places for future trainers on Urban Health, including people from multiple disciplines and fields – such as health, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, urban planning, architecture, civil engineers, etc. Trainers who would like to apply, you can make a request by email and the team will evaluate your interest. You can write to:

Details of the programme

Training will be delivered virtually, onsite, or through a mix of these approaches, depending on local context of the trainings and developments with COVID-19. Click the links below to read more about the plans for each city:

  • Newcastle: Training will be 100% virtual
  • Alcorcón: Training is planned to be 50% face-to-face and 50% virtual
  • Coimbra: Training is planned as 100% face-to-face

The URB_HealthS training programmes consists of four theory modules: regulations & policies; methodologies and indicators; action plans; and best-practices – plus a workshop based on a local case study.


Applications are open from 15 August-15 September 2020.

To apply, please send a letter explaining your interest in attending to:

Ester Higueras
| Activity Lead | UPM