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InnoStars Awards celebrates its seventh edition

The recently published interactive compendium highlights the most significant milestones of the EIT Health InnoStars Awards.

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InnoStars awards: 2022 call for applications

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Tully reaches the top of the podium with solution for children diagnosed with ADHD at the 2021 InnoStars Awards

EIT Health InnoStars Awards Grand Final showcased the finest of healthcare innovation

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EIT Health InnoStars Awards Grand Final at Bio-Europe

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15 new health innovations in the InnoStars Awards semi-finals

Next step of 2021 InnoStars Awards.

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InnoStars Awards makes an astonishing comeback

Successful comeback of InnoStars Awards 2021.

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Ligence is the winner of InnoStars Awards 2020

We know the finalists of InnoStars Awards 2020.

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InnoStars Awards comes back with its 2020 semi-finalists

Meet 15 semi-finalists of InnoStars Awards 2020.

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InnoStars Awards

Start-ups from countries supported by InnoStars compete for support.

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UVera wins InnoStars Awards 2019

Eco-friendly and safe UV protection compound from

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InnoStars Awards 2019 boost 15 start-ups from Regional Innovation Scheme countries

Winners, chosen from 116 applicants, get €25 000 in smart money, training, mentoring

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Go outside the lab: Interview with Oxipit, InnoStars Awards 2018 Winner

Part of a series of interviews with inspiring innovators in the InnoStars community

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Six start-ups to vie for €60 000 in InnoStars Awards grants

Competition culminates 16 November 2018 in Budapest

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The InnoStars Awards training programme has started

EIT Health InnoStars Awards’ top 25 start-ups started their training at IPN Incubator

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InnoStars selects start-ups for European Health Catapult and HeadStart awards

We are pleased to announce that the collaboration of EIT Health InnoStars partners and RIS Hubs have proven very successful in the recruitment of start-ups of high value for competitions organised by EIT Health.

EIT Health wins at the 2021 Association Excellence Awards

The ‘Making Connections’ platform wins silver

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EIT Health RIS triumphs at the Emerging Europe Awards

Winning best Regional Collaboration Initiative 2021

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From EIT Health acceleration to investor’s money: InnoStars-powered teams take off

Closer look at start-ups accelerated by InnoStars.

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InnoStars accelerates a start-up tacking the future of the human race

InnoStars awards Latvian start-up during WOLVES Summit 2020.

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Most promising InnoStars start-ups awarded

80 start-ups applied for 2017 InnoStars Awards competition. Top ten applicants had a randezvous in Naples to compete for the final awards.

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EIT Health InnoStars celebrates European Day in Budapest

EIT Health InnoStars celebrates European Day in Budapest.

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Mikołaj Gurdała of EIT Health InnoStars discusses tech and medicine with

In the interview translated here, Gurdała highlights how EIT Health responds to innovation trends in healthcare

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EIT Health initiatives nominated for European Association Awards

StarShip and Jumpstarter

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The Joint Grand Final awards €200 000 in prizes to finalists

40 finalists and 22 top winners shared €200 000 for further development in the area of health, raw materials and food

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InnoStars start-ups selected for the Semi-Finals of the 2018 European Health Catapult

EIT Health has chosen the six best healthcare start-ups

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EIT Health-supported start-up that makes physiotherapy enjoyable raises €150K pre-seed investment round

Clynx, a Portuguese start-up that participated at the 2018 InnoStars Awards has raised €150K pre-seed investment round from Think Bigger Capital.

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Magdalena Jander: Heroine of the Coral Reefs

EIT Health supported start-up’s sustainable solution for UV Protectors.

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Winners of the EIT Jumpstarter 2021 announced

Winners of the EIT Jumpstarter 2021 Health category announced

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Start-ups from CEE and Southern Europe have already attracted external investments of more than €20 M in 2021

Start-ups from the CEE and Southern Europe closed a prosperous year in terms of fundraising.

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Latvian healthcare ecosystem: creating synergy between start-ups and hospitals

Baiba Pētersone from the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU)

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EIT Health supported Latvian start-up makes history in the Baltics

Vigo Health became the first digital therapeutic company in the Baltics to receive an official reimbursement code from the Latvian health authority.

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The newly launched app will help onco-hematological patients in Italy to properly self-care, and not only

Roche Italy and PatchAI launched the innovative app “Roche Smart Health Companion”.

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New EIT Community Hub in Budapest

Supporting innovators in Central and Eastern Europe

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Interesting patterns emerge among the health innovations of the 2021 EIT Jumpstarter

EIT Jumpstarter semi-finalists selected.


Flourishing of the Greek start-up ecosystem

The views about Greek start-up ecosystem.

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New Year, New investments: EIT Health-accelerated start-ups from Italy and Romania gain funds

The great success of InnoStars start-ups.

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Start-ups valley is flourishing in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca regonized with EIT Health award.

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EIT Health start-ups among the most promising ones selected in the EIT Jumpstarter final!

Winners of the 2020 EIT Jumpstarter.

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The best innovators in healthcare will pitch at Bio-Europe

Be a part of InnoStars Grand Finals.

Early Health Technology Assessment

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EIT Health Innovation Days 2020 goes hybrid

EIT Health iDays 2020 comes back.

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Raising money by reducing medical work: how a Lithuanian start-up got accelerated by EIT Health so that it attracted outside investors

Start-up journey of Lithuanian start-up – Ligence.

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Polish UVera raises €2.5 M to protect us from the Sun’s radiation

UVera gets €2.5. M from European Innovation Council.

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EIT Health-accelerated Sicilian start-up raises €1 million VC funding to improve cognitive rehabilitation

Italian start-up gets €1 M VC funding.

EIT Health-backed start-ups garner big investments

A million each for iLoF and Restorative Neurotechnologies

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Scanner provides quality control of handwashing

EIT Health-supported start-up HandInScan helps ensure sanitation against COVID-19

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EIT Health Hubs together for building the biggest community of healthcare innovators in emerging Europe

EIT Health Hubs Assembly in Budapest.

EIT Regional Innovation Scheme

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EIT Jumpstarter rewards best European early-stage innovators in health, food and raw materials sectors

The Grand Final took place in Riga, Latvia as the side event of Digital Freedom Festival 2019.

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EIT Health-accelerated start-up launches innovative AI yoga app

Tags: Belgium-Netherlands Accelerator 2018

European Health Catapult Biotech Semifinal Winners selected

Seven start-ups will pitch at the EIT Health Summit

Tags: Belgium-Netherlands France Germany InnoStars Ireland-UK Scandinavia Spain Innovation 2017

Novel motion capture system supports patients’ rehabilitation

EIT Health-supported project offers a wearable system that has attracted hundreds of developers

Tags: Accelerator Innovation 2019

Thirty-five EIT Health Success Stories from 2018 approved by EIT

Read about these successes below

Tags: InnoStars Accelerator Innovation 2019

Jumpstarter, EIT Health Cross-KIC initiative, wins European Association Award

Helping start-ups in cooperation with EIT RawMaterials and EIT Food

Tags: France Germany InnoStars Accelerator 2018

Europe’s top health start-ups in Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health win cash and recognition at EIT Health Summit

Finals held for European Health Catapult and Bootcamp pitch contest

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EIT events changed the lives of more than 200 innovative teams in 2018

€200 000 awarded and more to come in 2019

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RIS Hub in Romania promotes EIT Health and innovation in healthcare

Raising awareness of innovation in healthcare in the emerging markets

Tags: Germany Accelerator 2018

European Health Catapult Digital Health Semifinal Winners selected

Seven start-ups will pitch at the EIT Health Summit

Tags: Germany Accelerator 2018

European Health Catapult Medtech Semifinal Winners selected

Eight start-ups will pitch at the EIT Health Summit

Tags: RIS Accelerator 2018 RIS

MUG Recruits nine start-ups for Accelerator programmes

MUG will organise a start-up training event and an EIT Health Innovation Day

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Call for EIT Health Hub within EIT Health RIS 2018: Bulgaria

Take part in the implementation of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) 2018!