EIT Health Drive

Are you looking to establish a programme for health and life science start-ups but don’t know where to begin? EIT Health DRIVE equips your organisation with the tools to become the next local change agent.

Join to learn how to design validated, sustainable support programmes for health and life science start-ups tailored to your regional needs. You’ll also gain insight into identifying and engaging key community stakeholders to create meaningful change. Once you have all the tools, you can secure co-funding of up to 50,000 EUR to implement your start-up support program.


What you get

How it works

The first phase of the EIT Health DRIVE training programme lasts 14 weeks (between 28 August and 29 November 2023) and consists of a mix of on-site & online training sessions and individual & teamwork.

The programme’s second phase starts in January 2024. The goal of the second phase is to facilitate the realisation of the most excellent start-up support programme designs.

Who should apply?

The programme is open to organisations in countries where the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) is present through its network of hubs. The applicant organisation is expected to provide incubation & acceleration support for entrepreneurs (e.g. mentoring, matchmaking, validation support, training etc.) for at least 1 year and would like to establish a comprehensive health & life science start-up support programme. Applicant organisations can be, but are not limited to:

  • Accelerators
  • Incubators
  • Science parks
  • Technology transfer offices
  • Regional innovation agencies
  • Hospital innovation centres
  • Innovation hubs

The applicant organisation cannot be a current EIT Health RIS Hub or EIT Health Partner or the affiliated entity of an EIT Health RIS Hub or EIT Health Partner. For more information, please read the Call document attached to the application form.

Financial Support

The programme’s total cost is 20 000 EUR; however, EIT Health InnoStars offers you partial funding of 15 000 EUR. Therefore the following contribution fee is applicable: 5000 EUR participation fee for a two-person team from a single organisation. The travel and accommodation costs shall be covered by the participating organisation.

The organisations that completed the DRIVE training will also possess the right to apply for co-funding and mentoring to help them realise the start-up support programmes designed in the first phase of the DRIVE training programme. The co-funding rate is 50%, up to 50 000 EUR.

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