SmashMedicine: Transforming medical education

Multiple-choice questions are key to training medical students in diagnostics. SmashMedicine provides crowd-sourced questions using new machine-learning methods to improve medical education.


As 90% of diagnoses come from clinical histories, clinically-based multiple choice questions are vital to help medical students build diagnostic skills, but universities struggle to provide such formative questions for their students. SmashMedicine is a digital, innovative, education-technology platform that solves this deficit, promoting deep-learning by combining multiple learning modalities with gamification to make learning medicine fun. SmashMedicine gives students examination-quality, crowd-sourced questions with targeted faculty input, while using novel machine-learning methods to vastly improve students’ diagnostic ability. A student competition will be held to launch the platform, and help it gain traction. The four expert academic partners from the EIT Health Network lend their vital educational expertise to help refine the platform, and the non-academic partner aids sustainability and spin out.

External partner
Benjamin Harris
| Activity Lead | Oxford University