SAFE: Superbug Awareness for Education

SAFE is a programme to train university students so that they can teach high school students about one of the most pressing healthcare challenges today, the problem of “superbugs” or bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

The course will train you and your fellow university students through a service-learning methodology, in which you gain knowledge about antimicrobial resistance by learning to teach the topic to high school students.

Selected high schoolers will also take part in internships and workshops that incorporate an entrepreneurial perspective to solve this health challenge, and that allow them to find out more about a career in science.

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What you get

Curriculum details

You will be trained on antimicrobial resistance as well as the research and development of antibiotics. You will also learn how to achieve behavioural change on the use of antibiotics, incorporating essential microbiology concepts.

You will develop online training material for high school students with the goal of changing their behaviour related to the use of antibiotics. The high school students will learn from a similar methodology, being asked to develop educational material for younger primary school students.

You will also help to co-create a public health campaign to raise awareness of antimicrobial resistance.

Key details


Blended: online and in-person.

Key dates:

  • 5-14 July 2021: Summer course in Barcelona taught in Catalan
  • October 2021: First international SAFE online course (dates to be confirmed)
  • December 2021: Networking event in Naples, Italy

Who should apply

University students in faculties related to life science or fields related to health, veterinary science, pharmacy, biology or similar areas. Teachers and professors in these fields are also encouraged to get in touch with the programme team to help with the training.

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