Design THINKing Tools and Guideline for innovations in HEALTHcare

The Design Thinking method has proven to be useful in creating solutions to the complex challenges of healthcare. This course teaches a Design Thinking approach to healthcare innovation.


D-THINK HEALTH merges the most effective Design Thinking tools into a course for professionals by professionals in the healthcare domain. Design Thinking, which focuses on solutions as a means of better understanding the problem to be solved, has proven to be a very successful approach for finding innovative answers to the complex challenges of fields like healthcare. This methodology provides professionals with creative tools to address complexity and develop solutions for better healthcare.

Through a blend of online and in-person training, participants will learn to use Design Thinking tools to discover, define, develop and deliver innovations in their own work field. Along with the course, D-THINK HEALTH will deliver a Design Thinking Guideline and Toolbox to enable participants to transfer knowledge throughout their organisations.

Sarah Nietiedt
| Activity Leader | TU Delft