Design thinking tools and guidelines

The design thinking method has proven to be useful in creating solutions to the complex challenges of healthcare. This course applies this approach to healthcare innovation.


D-Think Health merges the most effective design thinking tools into a course for professionals by professionals in the healthcare domain. The course will show you how to use the design thinking method, which focuses on solutions as a means to better understand a problem, to discover, define, develop and deliver innovations. Along with training, D-Think Health will provide a design thinking guideline and toolbox, to enable you to transfer knowledge to others in your organisation.


Course dates: 11-26 January 2021

Commitment: Four in-person workshops and two weeks of online learning

Price: €200

Mode of presentation: Online


Discover Workshop 11 January 2021:

  • Learn to analyse the complex context of a case.
  • Learn to discover the innovation-needs.

Define Workshop 12 January 2021:

  • Learn to define a problem(statement) and to set design boundaries.
  • Learn to define a vision to develop your innovation and to reshape that vision about healthcare in the (near) future.
  • Learn to define a successful implementation plan.

Online learning timing to be determined.

Develop Workshop – 25 January 2021:

  • Understand implementation processes of innovation.
  • Learn to use creative tools to design an innovation.
  • Learn to use creative and design tools to define holistic solutions, to design, to visualise and to communicate a concept.

Deliver Workshop – 26 January 2021:

  • Learn to evaluate your innovation effectively.
  • Learn to detail and improve the innovation based on the evaluation.
More information and application

Register here between 7 December 2020 and 4 January 2021.

For more information see the course website.

Dunja Swierstra
| Activity Leader | TU Delft