Innovative and solution-driven e-lab programme

Supporting learners to address real healthcare issues can encourage an innovative mindset. SMART-UP LAB uses this approach to spread a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.


SMART-UP LAB confronts students at three European locations with challenges posed by members of the healthcare industry. The course supports development of individual solutions while it spreads a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by establishing a strong E-Lab consortium between EIT Health academic partners in Łódź, Poland, Naples, Italy and Tartu, Estonia.

Participants will learn about ideation processes, business planning, entrepreneurship, value creation, market research, financing and product presentation – while they develop skills connected with business creation. They will be guided through the process, including receiving help with decisions about intellectual property protection and future commercialisation.

The aim is to create a pan-European society with an entrepreneurial mindset that involves citizens in improving healthcare systems locally and across Europe.

Course dates and locations

The training takes place in Lodz, Poland; Tartu, Estonia; and Naples, Italy. There are two editions planned for 2020:

  • First edition: 20 March 2020–19 June 2020 (Registration for this edition is closed.)
  • Second edition: September-December 2020

Registration for the second edition is open until 31 August 2020. For information about how to apply when the application process opens, check back on this page, or follow this link.

Marcin Ciszewski
| Activity Lead | Medical University of Lodz