Remote training for surgeons

Digital imaging can make it easier to visualise surgery. TeleSTAR takes advantage of this technology to provide better training.


TeleSTAR stands for Telepresence for Surgical Assistance and Training using Augmented Reality. It consists of a digital surgical microscope plus augmented or mixed reality to provide teaching and intraoperative assistance.

The system offers new ways to visualise relevant surgical information, allowing surgeons to improve, as well as explain, their decisions. Surgical decisions can be visualised easily during course units, either on high-resolution screens or a head-mounted display, in any local or remote location. The system guarantees the same field of view for all attending healthcare professionals.

More simple standard procedures, as well as rare and complicated ones, can be visually annotated, augmented – and supplemented with audio comments – to make every step of the surgery transparent.

The teaching concept can be scaled to other surgical domains and existing degree programmes.


External partners
Jean-Claude Rosenthal
| Activity Lead | Fraunhofer Gesellschaft