This online programme helps you engage with new technologies and make the most of digital change in the healthcare sector.


The Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare programme will give you an understanding of emerging digital technologies – how to use them to transform processes, structures and cultures, and how to measure the value and benefit of these technologies in patient care.

A European team of leading experts in digital technologies and learning design have created a programme that is innovative, interdisciplinary and impactful, providing technical knowledge and transferrable skills.

The training is completely online and flexible, so you can design your own educational experience and work at your own pace.


The Transformative Digital Skills Programme – offered by Fraunhofer Academy, University of Barcelona and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust/The Hill – gives you an introduction to digital transformation in the health sector followed by modules in three areas: transversal skills, technology and management. You can choose the most relevant skills for your own learning journey. You are encouraged to participate in a combination of different modules in all three areas.

The diverse modules range from 16-20 hours in length, and each module is spread over a four-week period. The offerings are:

Introduction for all modules: Free of charge. This 1.5-hour session will be offered in combination with the other thematic modules.

Transversal skills modules: Provide a broader, cross-thematic set of skills to help you understand the digital transformation of healthcare. Cost: €545 per module.

Technology modules: Focus on specific technology applications that have a direct impact on healthcare. Cost: €595 per module.

The management module: Meets the needs of healthcare professionals with management responsibilities. Cost: €595 per module.

Key details

Programme dates: See programme’s website for upcoming module dates and application deadlines.

Programme location: Online

Programme cost: From €545 to €595 per module. See programme’s website for specialisations (module combinations) and deep-dive discounts.


Programme website: See the website here.


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Armin Ritter
| Activity Lead | Fraunhofer