Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare

Healthcare professionals need to be able to innovate and engage with new technologies that are altering medicine. This free online programme helped participants make the most of digital change in the healthcare sector.


The Transformative Digital Skills for Healthcare programme gave participants an understanding of emerging digital technologies – how to use them to transform processes, structures and cultures, and how to measure the value and benefit of these technologies in patient care.

A European team of leading experts in digital technologies and learning design created a programme that is innovative, interdisciplinary and impactful, providing technical knowledge and transferrable skills.

The programme was free of charge for those who registered before the deadlines. The training was completely online and provided flexibility so that learners could set their own pace.

Content of the programme

Fraunhofer Academy modules

The Transformative Digital Skills Programme offered by Fraunhofer Academy in 2020 provided an introduction to digital transformation in the health sector, followed by three modules that allow participants to focus on individual learning paths and choose the most relevant skills for their own learning journey.

Plans are underway to repeat to the course in 2021. See the 2020 course website here.

University of Barcelona modules

An official, postgraduate course, given entirely online in 2020 by professors from the University of Barcelona included four project modules – Basic Digital Skills, Machine Learning, User Design and Health Economics – and provided 3ECTs. Registration is closed for 2020. Additional information about the course is available here.

Armin Ritter
| Activity Lead | Fraunhofer