LaunchLab is a unique two-month pressure cooker that allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential of their health-tech ideas. The programme helps participants to explore and validate their ideas, market potential and business model – and to launch in markets all over Europe.

This EIT Health Bootcamp programme targets business professionals, students, PhDs, engineers and scientists who want to test the commercial feasibility of their ideas. Participants work in teams to develop the skills needed to launch their ideas as a startup. The programme will also introduce participants to the European innovation eco-system, and help them develop a network of peers, experts and mentors. The EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is created by YES!Delft and EIT Health partners, and is designed to facilitate business-case development.

The structure of the EIT Health LaunchLab is as follows:

  • Eight-week programme will start 5 September 2017 in Delft, Netherlands, within the EIT Health Belgium/Netherlands Co-Location Centre incubator.
  • Regular weekly sessions are held in Delft.
  • Halfway through the programme, participants will begin a 14-day road trip; investigating the market potential in other countries like Belgium, Sweden and Germany.
  • On EIT Health Launchday, 2 November 2017, participants pitch to investors, customers and business partners.

Teams will validate their problem-solution and solution-market fit, specifically for the healthcare market. At the end of the programme, teams should be able to assess whether a technology-based, scalable business model can be built around their tech idea.

The commercial value of LaunchLab is €15 000. We ask for no equity in return. Each teams receives €5 000 in “pizza money” to cover travel, office, housing and expenses to live in Delft.

To apply, fill in the form here.

The deadline for applications to join the EIT Health Bootcamp LaunchLab is 16 July 2017.

Download the LauchLab brochure here.