Bridgehead: Take your business abroad


EIT Health’s Bridgehead brings together European health entrepreneurs who want to grow their business beyond their home market with the world’s top incubators and accelerators who have the expertise and resources to make it happen.

We will help match your scale-up with an incubator or accelerator from EIT Health’s approved network – we call these organisations our Catalysers. Together, you will plan how to access new markets quickly and decisively, tap into local networks of partners and clients, access infrastructure and understand new regulatory systems.

You will be given the seasoned expertise, insight and support needed to help realise your business ambitions.

Please note that applications for the first and second 2021 intake have now closed.

Our vision

We want to promote innovation across borders; helping bring new products to new markets, accelerating the adoption of health products, services and concepts and, ultimately, improving the lives of citizens in European and beyond.

Our programmes

Bridgehead offers you three different options to apply for:



Driving the expansion of your scale-up venture from one European market into another through partners with local knowledge



Helping you expand your European health scale-up to markets, outside of Europe such as the US, Canada, China, Japan and South Korea amongst others



Supporting non-European ventures gain access to the European market

Why get involved

How Bridgehead works


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Apply for the second intake by 14 September 2021

Get selected

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Our expert panel will review applications and choose the best scale-ups for each programme.


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Meet and find your best-fit with our Catalysers at exclusive matchmaking events.


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Travel to your Catalyser to start your collaboration and use their expert guidance to activate your business in a new market.

Our Catalysers



Accelerators, incubators and clusters with a proven track record in building, accelerating and scaling-up healthcare companies.

The experts connect industries, corporates, entrepreneurs, specialists, commercial partners and mentors to provide unique access to knowledge, infrastructure and resources to accelerate growth across an interconnected continent.



An EIT Health-vetted network of committed European partners strongly networked and operating within markets outside of Europe.

The experts offer the same level of enthusiastic and engaged collaboration and support with the difference of providing the opportunity to expand into global markets including the USA, Canada, Israel, China, Japan and others.

Catalysers Catalogue

Each of our Catalysers have unique expertise and experience. You can find out more about each of them and where they operate in our Catalysers Catalogue.



Who should apply?

To qualify for Bridgehead Europe or Global, your company must:

  • Be registered in Europe
  • Sell a product or services in at least one market in Europe and be ready to open up a new market
  • Deliver innovative, transformative products or services in biotech, medtech or digital health
  • Have fewer than 250 full time employees

For companies registered outside of Europe, to successfully qualify for Bridgehead Inbound your company must:

  • Be registered outside Europe
  • Sell your product or services in at least one market outside Europe and be ready to open up a new market in Europe
  • Deliver innovative, transformative products or services in biotech, medtech or digital health
  • Have fewer than 250 full time employees

For EIC Supported Ventures

Financial obligations

Bridgehead Europe and Global: There is a 6% success fee of your company’s revenue in the new market, capped at three times the amount of the grant amount or three years after completing the programme, whichever comes first.

Bridgehead Inbound: Once you are selected, you will need to cover a participation fee of €500 and the cost of your soft-landing services. Those costs depend on the services requested by you and delivered by the Catalyser(s) of your choice but should amount to a total of €10,000.

EIC Supported Ventures: Free of any costs and fees

Want to find out more?

Webinars offer a unique opportunity to learn what the Bridgehead programme can do for you:

  • Watch the webinar recording for Bridgehead Inbound here
  • Watch the webinar recording for Bridgehead Europe & Global here


See the Bridgehead call document for more detailed information on the programme. This document explains, for example, that you can apply to both Bridgehead Europe and Global, but you can only participate and be chosen for one.

Download the Bridgehead call document


Ready to apply?

Applications for the second 2021 intake have now closed. The submission deadline was 14 September 2021.

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The Bridgehead team