Gold Track: accelerating the growth of Europe’s most promising healthcare companies


What if there were someone in your life sciences network you could turn to for answers to all your questions and concerns? Someone with a proven track record of creating highly successful healthcare businesses, to help you realise the true potential of your own?

That’s the premise at the heart of Gold Track, which pairs promising businesses and great ideas with a panel of top flight advisors – world-class experts who immerse themselves entirely in both your ideating, strategising, and problem solving to help set your organisation on the path to success.

With its ambition to massively scale these businesses, Gold Track is built on personal relationships between mentors and mentees. Through individualised strategic guidance and custom tailored operational execution, Gold Track supports companies to unlock ambitious business and investment opportunities within short timeframes.

Gold Track’s individualised accelerator model, pioneered by our operator Advise Connect Inspire (ACI), has been validated across multiple European programmes where it has successfully helped companies raise over €250m and achieve four exits totaling over €1bn in only three years.



Our vision

Gold Track aspires to build optimism in the European life science ecosystem by creating success stories. Stories that demonstrate to entrepreneurs and investors that European life science companies can be competitive globally.

Why get involved

How Gold Track works

Gold Track is a competitive programme based around various phases. Each phase begins and ends with a high-profile Gold Track Workshop to identify and fine-tune your business goals, before assessing your achievements so you can progress to the next level.

What you get

Whether newly incorporated or at an advanced stage, Gold Track’s individualised mentoring is flexible to meet your unique and stage specific business priorities and needs.

We set you up with:

  • A clear value creation strategy to finance your company to reach key milestones and future exit points
  • Individualised coaching by leading experts to execute on a refined roadmap toward your business goals
  • Meaningful business partnerships by connecting you with the top R&D executives and relevant deal makers
  • Exposure to the best investors in the U.S., Asia, and Europe
  • When ready for internationalisation, we accelerate expansion to the U.S. market by helping to set a clear market entry strategy, identify and facilitate key U.S. partnerships and quickly achieve expansion goal
  • Select companies have the opportunity to be awarded a grant of up to €500K from EIT Health (in return for options in your business) to unbureaucratically extend your company’s runway

If you’re an early stage start-up we’ll provide crystal clear business advice on your strategy, business model and company financing to guide you towards success and set you up to effectively raise capital. We provide high-value connections to our global network of investors and business partners. Our mentors also support you with operational implementation of your business and development strategy.

If you’re a later stage company we’ll give you laser-focused support in engaging top global investors and key decision makers in multinational pharma/device companies to catalyse your company’s capital value, and to expand your business partnerships and global competitiveness. Our mentors bring significant personal experience in growing newcos into successful public enterprises valued north of $1bn, and in achieving multi-million dollar exits. We provide a fresh look at your programmes, pipeline and strategy and also set you up with a solid market access and expansion plan. We’ll guide you on developing the right financing strategy and finding the right partners for your company’s successful exit.

The Expert Council

You’ll learn from and work with successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, and top industry executives from across the healthcare sector. Expert Council members work with other domain experts, specially recruited from our extensive global networks, to match your individual business needs and guide your development.


Gold Track workshops

At each workshop, current and new companies compete for their place in the next phase of the programme through a transparent and high-energy selection process. During both 1:1 and group interactions with all Expert Council members you will discuss your company’s progress and debate new objectives. You must achieve championship votes to secure your place. You may also have the opportunity to present to our additional hand-picked group of investors and industry partners to broaden your network, promote visibility to your business, and build valuable personal relationships.

Our workshops are held across Europe three times per year. The next workshops are:

February 18-19, 2021

Gold Track Workshop 6, virtual

June 17–18, 2021

Gold Track Workshop 7 in Göttweig, Austria

October 14-15, 2021

Gold Track Workshop 8 in Paris, France

Who should apply

To be eligible, your company should:

  • have the potential to address unmet medical needs, backed by strong science and technology
  • operate in healthcare/ life sciences, such as therapeutics, diagnostics, platform technologies, medtech, or digital health
  • have a committed leadership team
  • have a financial runway of at least nine months
  • be based in Europe, the UK, or Israel
  • be privately-owned with less than 50 employees

Gold Track is sponsored by an EU grant and is free to companies to enter and to participate. We do not take equity in your company or charge any consulting fees. Our singular goal is to make you successful, and thus we share your risk – if your company does not achieve significant financial upsides, then our full package of business support and our valuable network are provided at no cost to you. If we are successful in enabling you to achieve significant financial events, we ask to partake in your financial success by charging a nominal success fee on your upside. Contact us to learn more.

Join other Gold Track companies

Ready to apply?

Visit our application portal, create a login, and select the Gold Track application form. Make sure you have your company, team and product/service information to hand, as you will need it to apply.

Apply now to join our gold standard mentoring programme to help accelerate your growth in healthcare innovation.



Are you an investor or corporate partner?

Are you an investor or corporate partner?

By working with a rigorously selected group of Europe’s most promising companies in biotech, medtech and digital health, Gold Track shapes tomorrow’s healthcare businesses and leaders. You can get early access to these emerging companies with the potential to massively scale and expand your network with high profile industry experts and peers by participating in our workshops.

Gold Track operates synergistically with venture groups to drive value in Europe’s healthcare innovation sector. We work with you to:

  • Identify and assess: We find hidden gems and rough diamonds across Europe and work closely with these company leadership teams to develop an in-depth understanding of team strengths, leadership style and investment suitability
  • Develop and de-risk: Our milestone driven execution model focuses company leadership on top business priorities and helps fill gaps in company strategy and experience
  • Create value: We help companies optimise their business model and execution, and provide experienced strategic guidance on shaping their value creation plans aligned with board interests. Gold Track companies also benefit from expanded access to business and investment opportunities within our broad networks to support their long-term growth.

To work with us and join Gold Track workshops to meet Europe’s most promising innovators in healthcare, contact us for more information.

The Gold Track team

Gold Track is an EIT Health initiative, designed and operated in collaboration with Advise Connect Inspire (ACI). Our team has a strong track record of building successful life science companies and to learn more about the programme, contact us and a member of the team will come back to you.