Drink Up: How to Create Demand for Healthy Consumption

American First Lady Michelle Obama successfully encouraged citizens to drink more water with the 2013 Drink Up campaign. This course gives learners tools for similar efforts to promote healthy living.


The Education Drink Up course provides the skills needed to promote healthier lifestyles among the general populace. Michelle Obama’s Drink Up campaign used real-world data and commercial marketing practices to drive demand for healthier choices. That effort demonstrated the benefits of a structured multi-stakeholder social marketing strategy, and it involved more than 60 corporations, NGOs, municipalities, federal administrative agencies, retailers and cultural influencers to enact behavioural change.

Building on the Drink Up experience, this programme will develop training for public and private sector actors, providing them with the tools to effectively influence consumer behaviour and improve population health. We aim to eventually scale this training programme, in order to change communication strategies that drive citizens towards healthier choices.

Franco Sassi
| Activity Lead | Imperial College London