Health2B Campus

Educational offers from academic organisations can miss the business perspective. This programme for health innovators is developed by a business incubator with insights from industry partners.


The Health2B Campus is a pilot programme to educate healthcare innovators. Organisers will use the pilot to gather knowledge about the learning process and evaluate a digital approach to teaching. The eight-week course will run on a digital platform with a series of 16 modules in areas like: business model, corporate governance and finance, law and regulations, and communication. The programme is developed by the SmiLe business incubator, which has a focus on life science industry, as well as other industry partners, like Philips and GE. Its goal is to build a solid knowledge basis for innovators. After an evaluation of the pilot, H2B Campus organisers plan to further develop the programme, to scale it and run it as a full educational initiative in 2021.

External partner
Thomas Unt
| Activity Lead | Smile